What do we say in our songs

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We two songs express hazy young love.The pictorial sense of the song is very strong, like summarizing past memories, and then bringing the past memories to the present to feel, the artistic conception is difficult to understand.The rhythm of the song is so brisk that people can’t help but think of all good things.The song seems to tell: “My joy and sorrow you know, for others I am strong and free and easy, only for you I will be the heart of the most gentle side show, no one can like you and me, so tacit understanding, just need a small eyes can read each other.The melody of the song has a special listening and not vulgar characteristics, which is easy to resonate, and this song has become a lot of listeners.The meaning of the song also comes from the singer Guo Ding, who wants to sing the beautiful things in life that are not noticed by others through the views and feelings of an ordinary person. It also contains the deep meaning that the little people can become great things.How about guo ding’s song First: Guo Ding’s songs are not so gorgeous packaging, only diligent music creation, he has a strong understanding of music, in his music, there are all kinds of surprises that the audience can not imagine.Second: Guo Ding’s songs incorporate elements of a variety of styles, which are simple and mixed with a feeling of pure desire. The meanings expressed in the lyrics are also very representative.Third: Guo Ding is a very focused on music talent, although he will not greatly promote his own works, but there will always be a group of fans around him, quietly listening to every minute of his songs moved.