This place is full of holy atmosphere and is the spiritual home of native people. If you have the opportunity, you must come to experience it

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This place is full of holy atmosphere and is the spiritual home of native people. If you have the opportunity, you must come to experience it.Personal feeling, is the home of the spirit of the locals, jokhang temple also has a high status in people’s hearts, is the shrine of visitors will go in life, if life could come jokhang temple worship Buddha I believe that there must be a lot of people wish, before you go to, we must first understand the local cultural background, in this way, can more deeply understand the jokhang temple, as is known to all,Sontzen gampo for their country’s economic development, ushered in the two foreign princess, one is red statue of princess of Nepal, another is known as the princess wencheng, due to the arrival of the two princess, respectively, in the local 8 and 12 year old of life-size Buddha Buddha, create conditions for construction of the jokhang temple, the late also laid the foundation for ramoche temple built,Their construction is a combination of local and various fields of construction characteristics and regional culture here to establish the banner of originality.I suggest you to jokhang temple, choose three turns the way tourism at home and abroad, the original road known as corridor, the jokhang temple Buddha had centered sightseeing, the second called barkhor, turn the road to jokhang temple as the center, to travel around the third way is called Lin profile, to jokhang temple as the center, the snare the ramoche temple, spot pulling palace, chakpori, enter the jokhang temple,Here can’t roundabout must be murals, these murals has a history of one thousand years, although there are s feeling, but the color is still bright, colourful, the outline is clear, at the time of the limited conditions, can create such a beautiful murals blueprint, and can perfectly continued until now, really admire the wisdom of the craftsmen, so people at the time of appreciation,The next thing you have to go to is the main part of jokhang Temple, where most of the essence is, and that’s the Jokhang Hall.Kang Dian personally, sleep is the faithful prayers at ordinary times practice, there are a lot of small buddhist temple, around here can’t miss the most is in the middle of the buddhist temple of Buddha, it is home to all the core jokhang temple, princess wencheng enshrined here with the Buddha life-size 12 gods of gold, and many pilgrims aspire to the holy land,Finally can’t be ignored is the second floor of the Pope of the custodian of the temple and the temple, where honours sontzen gampo and chengdu, her feet icon of the princess, but also to the auspicious tianmu class Dan lamb gods, standing on the layer 2 capacious balcony, you can see, the beautiful palace is an excellent location, take pictures if time enough, barkhor ramoche temple also worthy of,It is very close to Jokhang Temple, about 500 meters from sight. It is mainly built by Princess Wencheng. The style of the temple combines the styles of Han Dynasty and Tubo Period, with the characteristics of Nepal period, which is worth visiting.Such a building full of holy atmosphere, each visit can bring people different spiritual feelings, I hope you will have the opportunity to experience.