These new rules will come into effect from April 1

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From April 1, the Ministry of Public Security’s newly revised “Road traffic violations Score management Method” will be officially implemented, the new method of the existing score management system has been systematically adjusted and improved.New ways to optimize adjustment score score in keeping for drunk driving, the escape after traffic accident cause person casualties, use forged altered certificates such as seriously hinder the illegal behavior of traffic safety management under the premise of new scorecard management way to reduce some of the traffic violation scoring points, delete the test drive is not placed score marks, insurance, such as traffic violations.In the new method, 7 kinds of illegal acts with 12 points are recorded at a time, 7 kinds of illegal acts with 9 points are recorded at a time, 11 kinds of illegal acts with 6 points are recorded at a time, 15 kinds of illegal acts with 3 points are recorded at a time, and 10 kinds of illegal acts with 1 point are recorded at a time.Commissioner of the Ministry of Public Security bureau’s team construction and enforcement guide chen2 dong introduction, introduced the scoring method increases the nine points of the programme, this will be the original 12 points of the quasi driving, large and medium-sized passenger car fatigue driving offence to 9 points, main consideration is that these illegal behaviors and remember 12 points of drunk driving and traffic cause person casualties after escaping these illegal ACTS,In order to give drivers a buffer period, warn them that their score is about to reach full marks, and urge them to drive safely and civilly, we added 9 points to this level.National research method score points measures according to the new management method, will introduce research method deducted traffic administration system, to participate in road traffic safety laws, regulations and relevant knowledge and passed the examination, or to participate in the public security traffic administration organization of traffic safety and public welfare activities conform to the qualifications for deducting the score can be deducted directly from the cumulative score score,A maximum of 6 points can be deducted in a scoring period.Chen Dong introduced that this can not only encourage drivers to take the initiative to obey the law, safe and civilized driving, but also to take the initiative to learn education, consciously law-abiding drivers, reduce the possible because of the score reached full marks, can not drive motor vehicles and inconvenience.Adjust out learning examination system for several times within one scoring cycle driving people filled with 12 points, given their initiative law-abiding consciousness difference, insufficient safety civilization consciousness, traffic administration will learn by extended time, increase the test project, further strengthen the management of these drivers education, supervise and urge its strictly obeying the law, safe driving.At the same time, the Ministry of Public Security’s newly revised Regulations on the application and Use of Motor Vehicle driving Licenses will also be implemented from April 1 this year, and six new measures will be introduced to facilitate people and benefit enterprises.From April 1, on the basis of a nationwide test for small car driving licenses, the public security traffic control department will introduce a nationwide test for large and medium truck driving licenses. People with id cards can apply for the test anywhere in the country without submitting proof of residence.For holding a small automatic car driving license to drive a small car, or holding a motorcycle driving license to drive other types of motorcycles, only test subjects 2 and 3, optimize the test procedures.There are also new convenience measures for the replacement of certificates in different places.Wang Guoqiang, deputy director of the Ministry of Public Security traffic Management department of vehicles and drivers management, according to the current provisions, driving license overdue more than a year was cancelled, but less than two years, this situation the masses need to return to the driver’s license issued to participate in the subject of a test.This regulation introduced a new measure to resume driving qualification that can be conducted across provinces, and people can take the test of subject 1 at any time in the country to resume driving qualification.At the same time, in the quasi driving type, will also increase the “light traction trailer”, allow to drive small car train, better meet the needs of the masses to drive rv travel, promote the development of new formats of rv tourism.From April 1, the Ministry of Public Security will also launch two new measures to reduce license convenience services, implement electronic collection of application data, electronic management of files, and online transfer of driver test information, to achieve traffic management business “reduce links, reduce materials, reduce the time limit”.The department information network sharing and verification, with tax, banking and insurance supervision, transportation, medical institutions and other departments information network, so that people are not required to submit relevant certificates when handling business.Strict focus on vehicle and driver safety access management in addition, the revision of the administrative rules, will also strict management of large and medium-sized the van driver safety access, will be the driving of large and medium-sized van situation from three to seven, new again for toxic driving, drunk driving, dangerous driving constitutes a crime, such as personnel, apply for increasing driving is prohibited.For large and medium-sized passenger and truck drivers who are recorded with 12 points, the traffic control department will strictly complete the learning and examination requirements, increase the learning time, improve the difficulty of the examination, and strengthen the key management.Source: CCTV news client produced: Auspicious News Media editor: Zhou Baihang editor: Fu Yao school review: Lu Wenjiu © Study Jilin