The Winter Olympic Games begin, the Olympic brands come quickly!

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2021 to 2022, though a simple change in numbers, is remarkable because of the timing.At the beginning of 2022, the Heat of the Winter Olympics is unprecedented. A grand event destined to enter the history of the Olympic Games will be staged in China, and athletes from all over the world are ready to join in this long-awaited feast of ice and snow.The Winter Olympic Games as a “bring your own traffic” event, in addition to looking forward to the Performance of the Olympic athletes in the field, we are also looking forward to the Winter Olympic Games will have which “explosive” circle.Here, the same brand of winter Olympic Games is unveiled for you in advance!Jinyu Tiantan Furniture will provide 211,000 pieces of furniture products for 43 venues (competition venues, non-competition venues and training venues) for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.By January 10, 2022, Jinyu Tiantan Furniture has completed the delivery and inspection of all furniture products, and is fully prepared for the arrival of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The temple of Heaven furniture not only has storage function, but also conveys humanistic feelings.”An expert of the International Ice Hockey Federation from Finland saw the locker and said it was the most perfect locker he had seen in more than 10 years of practice,” said a staff member of the program development team of the Winter Olympics.The choiceness of the locker lies in: all the exposed right angles have been rounded, metal hooks have increased the rubber cover;The seat on the back and under the cushion can be opened, increasing the storage function, at the same time in order to improve the air permeability, under the cushion of the storage box added three air holes;Behind the back of the seat is a 20-centimeter-thick porous steel plate connected to the cabinet, through which snow water from the clothes can flow to the back of the cabinet;A pneumatic rod is added under the seat cushion so that the seat can slowly fall down after placing or removing items.Why go to all this trouble to design?The designer said: “Because of the ice and snow events, athletes have more supplies, but also more expensive, sports clothes will inevitably have snow water.So we optimized the design in detail from the point of view of functions and needs, in order to better serve the event and the athletes of various countries.”In the Olympic Winter Games Hall, every piece of Tiantan furniture is designed and refined in this way. Jinyu Tiantan people are responsible with practical actions to help the Winter Olympics.So, what’s it like to live in a winter Olympics branded house?In Jimo, there is such a project, using the same winter Olympics brand Tiantan furniture, with details for the owners to give life feelings, TA is jinyu · Jinyufu.The kitchen cabinets used in the house in plot A of Jinyufu Project come from the brand of Tiantan furniture. Tiantan furniture protects the delicious time of the whole family with reasonable functional layout and design tension between line and surface.Bathroom select Tiantan brand custom basin cabinet, mirror, mirror cabinet, immersed in them, vertical enjoy healthy and clean;And the indoor door is used with the winter Olympics brand temple of Heaven furniture indoor door, details highlight the quality of life details.Tiantan furniture strength out of the circle will become the winter Olympics “star products” and the use of tiantan brand of residential projects will also be favored by people on the winter Olympics field a new star waiting to rise a drop of sweat waiting to bear fruit finally to the Chinese athletes who will soon set foot on the winter Olympics field to send good wishes to the winter Olympics to pick gold triumph!* In this paper, the cabinet housing of the same style as the Olympic Games is the housing of plot A of Jinyufu.The pictures in this article come from jinyu information public number, tiantan furniture official website and other network channels, if infringement, please contact to delete.