Shandong: Launch the spring Breeze Action for 2022

2022-05-15 0 By

Recently, shandong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the provincial Development and Reform Commission, the provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and other 9 departments jointly issued a notice, in the whole province to carry out the theme of “spring breeze sends warm employment sends true love,” the specific time of the activity from January 26 to March 31, 2022.The target of spring Breeze action is: migrant workers stranded in employment due to the epidemic;Rural labor who are willing to transfer to employment, especially those who enjoy the policy of poverty alleviation and low-income rural population (including those who are monitored and assisted to prevent them from returning to poverty) and other key assistance objects;Unemployed 2022 graduates with difficulties, and unemployed young college graduates;Employers with labor demand, especially important industrial chain and supply chain enterprises.During the event, Shandong province will carry out a campaign to stabilize posts and stay workers.Active for outbreak retention employment of migrant workers organize various kinds of “warmth” and collective activities, the Chinese New Year to encourage guide enterprise to on-the-job worker leave post a red envelope, a ceremony, reasonable arrangement of production, the peak holiday and paid leave plan, flexible worker on-the-job training, implement good wages, vacation and other welfare.We will provide “131” services for unemployed people staying in local areas, providing at least one career guidance, three suitable job information and one training program, cashing in unemployment insurance benefits in a timely manner according to regulations, and providing social assistance to eligible people.Supporting the employment of enterprises is an important part of the campaign.All municipalities should strive to alleviate the problem of labor shortage in enterprises, do a good job in providing labor services to enterprises in demand around the Spring Festival, and give priority to supporting the continuous production and supply of key enterprises, major projects and major projects.Support enterprises with a large demand for temporary employment and enterprises with a large number of surplus employees to carry out labor surplus and shortage adjustment to achieve normal production and operation.Eligible enterprises will be provided with relevant policies, such as refunding of unemployment insurance and subsidies for vocational skills training.In addition, the activity will also carry out return to work to boost employment, special recruitment, gig market services.The circular made it clear that all cities should find out in advance how rural migrant workers return to their hometown and how enterprises resume work, and guide orderly migrant workers to leave their hometown.People who enjoy poverty alleviation policies and low-income rural people (including those who are monitored and assisted to prevent them from falling back into poverty) who find it difficult to find employment through market channels will be provided with public welfare jobs in rural areas in accordance with regulations.Special buses, trains and charter flights will be provided to those who need to go out in groups based on actual needs and epidemic prevention and control requirements.During the activity, targeted at the social attention of new forms of employment, the education and training industry under the “double reduction” policy of unemployed people, flexible employment, college graduates with difficulties, unemployed youth, rural women, the elderly among the younger people, etc.,Temporary employment service stations can be set up in areas where migrant workers seek jobs after the Spring Festival to help them find jobs.I know you’re reading it