Major case facts: in 2006, four teenagers tortured and killed a woman in Beijing

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On May 22, 2006 in the morning, someone opened the gate houses, suddenly found the door lay a person on the road, approached a look, a corpse of recognition, riddled with holes, he was scared scream aloud, shaking home picked up the phone and called the police, the police soon arrived on the scene investigation, the investigation of the scenes in front of many people because tears, why?(the name is not her real name, part of the picture is only for narrative) we found the mysterious death in the street is a woman, is called the swallow, 1992 gave birth to a son and her husband got married, moved to Beijing after living in a small house 10 square metre, the family and for pleasure, for life is full of expectations, on the day of the night,She was afraid of her husband drunk drunk road accident, so to the mouth of the alley, did not expect the accident is her.She is suffering from a long time without any human abuse after death, the body is not a piece of skin integrity, those who abuse her if it doesn’t matter when she was a baby, after make her miserable also deliberately she moved into the street from the scene, give her a teasing stance.The insult meaning is self-evident, but is this the police caught the criminal psychology expert analysis, since the murderer who dared to body silhouette in the street, then they don’t have any empathy toward the body, but rather as a is his creation of the “art”, so they will come back to appreciate the art of sensation.Based on the above, the police think that observe the dead at the scene of the death of the crowd, we can have a result, you’d never think, however, in the end they caught, turned out to be four young – a pair of twins and their girlfriends, including twins is only 17 years old, the other two girls, a 15 years old, a 19 years old, why they do such unscrupulous?Twin seedlings a certain stone and miao lei was born in a worker’s family, but is a laid-off worker’s family, which means that their family condition is bad, all say who rose out of the birth of your son, the poorer the more determined to, unfortunately the twins don’t have such awareness, not good study, every day an idle and gangsters, vocational schools to have read a semester will drop out of school.Drop-out stay where nature is most often Internet cafes, two people often in the net bar all night, he had known the same in the net bar all night LeiMou clouds and 16, 19, yan a na, LeiMou clouds and yan an, and they are kind of people, don’t go home for his age and merchant brothers stay together, for they steal money, abortion do all do not love themselves also cry, love freedom.But these are not their most unusual places, the most ridiculous is that 4 an idle person together, in order to pass the time, let the life become less boring, began to try to “have fun”, hit persons is that they find the “fun”, this behavior will become a fun, began they like ghost wandering in a late at night.Then the street there is a woman wrapped in a quilt alone sitting, long hair, she described the mess, and is clearly a poor man, even the common man wouldn’t give her, also walked quickly, lest their offensive to her, but not the slightest sympathy miao a ray, come forward to give the woman left face a slap, others looked at stay leng woman burst into laughter.Then began to take 4 people abused woman, finally the woman even only one bed quilt is being thrown away, only on a few yuan has also been a rob, light, then the four people like opened the door in the new world, began to look for some single women, every time is first to find fault, and then slander each other make yourself, and then begin to hit people.There is a saying in Aesop’s Fables: “He who is born to do evil will do it openly if he cannot find a pretty excuse.”These 4 people are such a brazen group of wicked, swallow was tied up that night, she was clearly just standing at the intersection and waiting for her husband, yan Mou na deliberately bumped into, and then said swallow bullied her.Before the swallow had time to distinguish, the four men began to fight and kick her, they slapped her face crazy, Miao Mou Lei even hit her head with a big wooden stick, and strangled her neck to the wall, the road at the beginning of the vehicle, to no car, Swallow has been dying.But they did not let go of her, continue to her cruel crime, stripped her clothes, put her on the street, and then leave with a smile, after being caught, they even do not feel that they are wrong, face the trial is very calm, the court scene said words, more let a person’s hair stand on end, shudder.At that time, the prosecutor asked them what the purpose of picking a fight was, and Miao answered that he was playing with her. The prosecutor felt this reason was really strange, and asked again if there was any other purpose besides playing with her.Most scandalously, it was for this purpose that they were charged with aggravated assault and robbery.Article 234 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that whoever intentionally injures another person to death or seriously injures another person to serious disability by especially cruel means shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years, life imprisonment or death.Article 263 provides that those who repeatedly rob public or private property shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years, life imprisonment or death.Miao Mou Lei, Yan Mou Na was sentenced to 17 years in prison, Miao Mou Shi was sentenced to 14 years in prison, Lei Mou Yun was sentenced to 9 years in prison, these penalties in swallow that an innocent life, if can’t let them 4 people repent, reform, then is “life can not afford the light”.