Luxury SUV price cut, Cadillac XT6 down 50,000, Star drop 80,000, time to buy?

2022-05-15 0 By

Buying a car is a matter of “buy early, enjoy early, buy late and get a discount”.In most cases, due to the high brand premium of luxury brands, in many cases, luxury brands offer large discounts for their models.Now, at the beginning of the year, there are three SUVs with good discounts, including Audi Q5L down 70,000 yuan, Star Pulse down 60,000 yuan, Cadillac XT6 off 50,000 yuan.Although their discount is big, so their strength in the end how?The first: Audi Q5L guide price: 3968-487,000 yuan discount: 70,000 yuan from the current market situation, in Mercedes, BMW, Audi mainstream medium-sized SUV, Audi Q5L discount can be said to be the largest.Among them, the 2022 Audi Q5L 40T model has a discount of around 50,000 yuan. As the most popular configuration bought by consumers, Audi Q5L 40T model is equipped with a 2.0-ton low-power engine with a maximum horsepower of 190 horsepower, but it is in the middle of the 2.0-ton low-power engine of Mercedes GLC and BMW X3.It’s good enough for a family car.As for audi’s Q5L 45T model, it offered a bigger discount of around 70,000 yuan, possibly due to sluggish sales.If you want more power, you can choose this car.If there is no demand for this, the choice of 40T luxury dynamic cost performance will be higher.Second: Cadillac XT6 guide price: 3927 — 552,700 yuan discount: 50,000 yuan as the flagship SUV in the Cadillac SUV field, Cadillac XT6 preferential efforts are good, the general discount of the whole series of models in about 50,000 yuan.Note that this is only for Changsha area, if it is similar to guangzhou, Shenzhen and other first-tier cities, it should be more preferential.Because in my impression, Cadillac XT6 discount is around 70,000 to 80,000 yuan.In fact, Cadillac XT6’s advantages are quite obvious, not only there are seven and six seat models to choose from, and the 2.0T engine is also equipped with a 48V light mixing system, not only to start the ride better, but also to improve fuel economy.The third model: Range Rover Starpulse Range Rover Starpulse guide price: 5508-720,800 Yuan Discount: 60,000 yuan Land Rover models have a large discount in normal times, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and Starpulse is a typical one.However, with the range Rover Starpulse model adjustment, as well as the deterioration of the market environment, starpulse’s preferential strength is not as good as before.At present, there is only a discount of about 60,000 yuan.Of course, again, this is just an open offer online, so if you decide to buy it, JLR 4S will surprise you.In fact, the star vein is the same price in the more characteristic of a player, and this “characteristic” mainly reflected in it has excellent appearance, interior design, and rich technology configuration.As for the Star Pulse, the “underachievement” is mainly due to its 2874mm wheelbase is much smaller than other SUVs at the same price, resulting in limited ride space.However, as an imported medium-sized luxury SUV, Range Rover Star summarized: Audi Q5L, Cadillac XT6, Range Rover Star, they are three luxury medium-sized SUV with relatively large discounts.Would you consider buying it if the price was right?Note: The pictures are from the network, the rights belong to the original author all, thank you!The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not represent the position of UcV.