Hunan only shortlisted vocational colleges!The university was awarded the excellent work of the National Youth Model CPPCC proposal

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Sanxiang metropolis daily news on January 26 (correspondent Gao Feng Liu Jiangni all media reporter Liu Zhendong Huang Jing) my province is the only one shortlisted vocational colleges!Recently, hunan Railway Vocational and Technical College under the guidance of the youth League committee of the student work “on improving the quality of rural children’s education” successfully entered the 2021 National Youth Model CPPCC proposal solicitation activities of the university group outstanding works.A total of 111,000 young people nationwide signed up for the event, and nearly 50,000 CPPCC members and ideological and political teachers at all levels served as instructors.After examination and recommendation by the provincial Youth League committee, a total of 1447 simulated proposal works participated in the national evaluation. Excellent works were finally selected through the preliminary evaluation of the central committee of the youth League, expert evaluation, online praise, and collective final evaluation of the evaluation meeting.In order to create a proposal that accurately reflects the social situation, directly touches the pain point and can be landed, the proposal group of Hunan Railway Vocational College fully relies on the social practice activity of “three rural areas” in summer vacation, determines the research theme and designs the research plan and questionnaire through consulting policies, consulting experts and collecting data in the early stage.At the beginning of the summer vacation, we will conduct research and collect data in Jianhu Village, Upu County, Huaihua City, to form a research report with detailed and accurate data.On this basis, after two months of repeated discussion, modification, the final formation of the “excellent simulation of CPPCC proposal”.Hunan railway ministry will continue to implement the “thick foundation, repetition, strong quality of the talents training target, education to guide young students to fully understand the socialist democratic politics with Chinese characteristics and orderly participation, strengthen the new era of Chinese youth’s sense of mission and responsibility to bear, for training qualified builders and reliable successors to the socialist contribute more power.[Editor: Yang Sihan][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]