Institute of Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences invites you to apply for overseas excellent Youth project

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Compensation package.We will provide competitive compensation and welfare benefits and implement a mechanism of dynamic compensation increase.The salary and treatment of outstanding talents should be discussed.Research conditions.Provide sufficient start-up funds and laboratory space.Establish an account.Business preparation, solve Beijing hukou.Housing security.In the uniform decoration of the revolving room, the academy of Sciences new construction of talent apartment is close at hand.Children attend school.Zhongguancun nearby to solve the children’s school, Zhongguancun one, two, four, etc.After the approval of “Overseas Excellent Youth” and other national and CAS projects, the living subsidy and research fund support will be accumulated on the basis of the original support of the unit.Excellent scientific research team, advanced scientific research infrastructure, international academic atmosphere, the opportunity to use large scientific installations to carry out scientific research.01 Introduction to the Institute of Physics The Institute of Physics is a multidisciplinary and comprehensive research institution focusing on the basic research and applied basic research of physics.His research interests are condensed matter physics, including condensed matter physics, optical physics, atomic and molecular physics, plasma physics, soft matter physics, condensed matter theory and computational physics, materials science and engineering, etc.Superconductivity, topology, nano, surface, extreme conditions and other disciplines are at the forefront of the world’s science and technology;Magnetism, optics, advanced materials, clean energy and many other fields have provided strong support for national economic development.In recent years, a series of important advances have been made in ion batteries, topological materials and applications, high voltage superconductivity, quantum computing, quantum wire growth, high flux film preparation, neutron single pixel imaging, and angular graphene research.In addition to focusing on basic frontier issues and taking root in Zhongguancun, THE Institute of Physics actively responds to the national strategic layout of science and technology and invests in the construction of Huairou Science City of Beijing Science and Technology Innovation Center, Songshan Lake Material Laboratory of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Science and Technology Innovation Center and Yangtze River Delta Physics Research Center.By the end of 2021, the institute has a total of 965 employees.Among them, 604 are researchers and 133 are science and technology support personnel, including 14 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and 9 academicians of the Academy of Sciences of developing countries.44 recipients of the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars.After years of efforts, the Institute of Physics has achieved a series of important scientific research achievements.In terms of basic research,Achieved with “the temperature range of liquid nitrogen oxide superconductor discovery and research”, “more than 40 k iron base found and several basic physical properties of high temperature superconductor research”, “the experiment found that anomalous quantum hall effect”, “the discovery of new patterns and dynamics in the amorphous alloy material research and development, the application of plastic” “based on the structure of the primitive new electromagnetic material and the effect of the new discovery” “We foundYl Fermion “, “Low-purity Ndfeb permanent magnet material”, “preparation, structure and physical properties of directional carbon nanotubes” are representative of a number of important original research achievements.Since 1978, it has won a total of more than 490 international and domestic awards, including 1 State Supreme Science and Technology Award, 33 State Natural Science Award (including 3 first prizes), 24 State Science and Technology Progress Award (including 6 first prizes) and 9 State Invention Award.The Institute of Physics is now looking for outstanding talents to join us.Condensed matter physics recruitment in theoretical and computational physics, experimental condensed-matter physics, materials science, quantum information and quantum computation, energy, materials, nano science, surface science, biology, physics, and optical physics, atomic physics, plasma physics, magnetism, ultracold atoms, big science related (comprehensive extreme conditionsLaboratory, Beijing Synchrotron Radiation Source, China Spallation Neutron Source, etc.), Clean energy materials testing, diagnosis and RESEARCH platform, materials genome research platform and other related fields.Outstanding Research Fellow of Institute of Physics: under the age of 55, with a doctor’s degree, has been recognized as a leading scientist in this field internationally, has made outstanding research achievements in internationally renowned universities (research institutions), can lead the development direction of this field.Category I: Applicants should be under the age of 40, with a doctoral degree, and have studied or worked in well-known universities (research institutions) at home and abroad.Be an assistant professor or above in an internationally renowned academic institution and have the potential to become a leading scientist in this field internationally;With deep academic attainments in this field and extensive international academic influence, he/she can grasp the development direction of this field, have long-term strategic conception, and have leadership and team organizing ability.Category II distinguished Research Fellows of the Institute of Physics: under the age of 35 in principle, with a doctoral degree, with study or working experience in well-known universities (research institutions) at home and abroad;Independently presided over or participated in the whole process of research and made remarkable achievements as the main backbone;He has made research achievements of international level.Key technical personnel: under 40 years old in principle, with a doctor’s degree, with study or working experience in well-known universities (research institutions) at home and abroad;Relevant technical posts are provided in the physics institute;Master the key technology in related fields and have technical expertise, can independently solve the key technical problems in scientific research, promote the innovation of equipment and experimental technology, and have achieved first-class results.Compensation and benefits: provide competitive compensation and benefits and implement dynamic compensation increase mechanism.The salary and treatment of outstanding talents should be discussed.Research conditions: sufficient start-up funds and laboratory space are provided.Registered permanent residence: business preparation, solve Beijing registered permanent residence.Housing security: the uniform decoration of the revolving house in the institute and the newly constructed talent apartment of the Academy of Sciences are close at hand.Children’s enrollment: Zhongguancun to solve the nearest children’s enrollment, Zhongguancun one, two, four, etc.Support the application of “Overseas Excellent Youth” and other national and CAS talent programs, all kinds of project support will be accumulated on the basis of the original support of the unit.Specific policies can be consulted personnel office contact person.03 Beijing huairou comprehensive national science center “tri-cities area” in the layout of Beijing huairou science city located at Beijing northeast, the planning area of 100.9 square kilometers, is the Beijing construction one of the main platform of the national science and technology innovation center, carrying China’s four major comprehensive national science center of Beijing huairou comprehensive national center for science in the construction task.Huairou Campus, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is located in the core area of Huairou Science City, Beijing science and innovation Center, at the foot of the Great Wall and beside the beautiful Yanqi Lake.Huairou zone depends on the major national science and technology infrastructure comprehensive experiment device and extreme conditions together with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing the first crossover study of the construction of the platform materials genome research platform and material testing diagnosis and clean energy research and development platform (i.e., “a two device platform”), covers an area of about 230 mu, building area of 118000 square meters, with a total investment of about 2.4 billion yuan.”One device and Two Platforms”, as the first batch of large scientific devices and cross-research platform projects in Huairou Science City, started construction in 2017 and took the lead in completing the acceptance of civil engineering in July 2020. Now, it has officially entered the stage of equipment installation, commissioning and trial operation.Huairou Park by Yanqi Lake is also one of the important contents of the strategic deployment of “one village, three lakes”.Here, the Institute of Physics will rely on the “one device and two platforms” to build an integrated layout of basic research, applied research, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and advanced, sophisticated and sophisticated industries. With the ideas of science leading, focusing on originality, collaborative innovation, openness and win-win, infortable and steadfast, accelerating transformation, deepening reform and model innovation,To build “one device and two platforms” into a first-class and world-renowned user experimental device and platform, to help build Beijing comprehensive National Science Center and become an important strategic base for basic and applied research of physical science in China.Ultra-high pressure ultra-low temperature physical property measurement (six anvil) Ultra-high pressure ultra-low temperature physical property measurement (diamond anvil) low-temperature high magnetic field quantum oscillation measurement comprehensive extreme condition spectral measurement (infrared spectrum and terahertz) comprehensive extreme condition spectral measurement(Raman) magnetic field mri scanning tunneling extremely low temperature magnetic field measurement of low temperature in situ scanning tunneling – Angle resolution photoelectron spectrum measuring pressure more physical quantity synergy in situ measuring the milli open extremely low temperature experiment of low temperature solid-state quantum computing research (very weak) extremely low temperature solid-state quantum computing research (magnetic field) strong magnetic field at low temperature low dimensional electron spectroscopy experiment femtosecond laser super fast o secondsLight ultrafast dynamics of ultrafast X-ray experiments ultrafast electron microscopy (sem) imaging experiment ultrafast electron diffraction experiment micro/nano machining platform standard sample primary platform technology support platform for low temperature liquid helium system material testing diagnosis and clean energy research and development platform research areas of chemical storage test and analysis of chemical energy storage device developed chemical energy storage failure analysis of chemical energy storage security analysis of new chemical energy storage device developed tooYang can battery test analysis child platform solid-state lighting test and analysis platform for clean energy research platform with synchrotron radiation technology material high-throughput genomic research platform research gene database system of laser sputtering deposition cluster computing system material molecular beam epitaxy one-stop chemical vapor deposition coating cluster cluster rapid characterization of measuring cluster alloy selection cluster is high performance optimization of the clusterGold prototype devices clustering of bulk materials high throughput synthesis and characterization of solid phase synthesis of single crystal tile cluster cluster high temperature and high pressure synthesis of single crystal characterization and processing single crystal tile cluster cluster high flux materials laboratory technical support and r&d 04 songshan lake songshan lake material lab (hereinafter referred to as the “lab”) is located in a large bay area important node of guangdong dongguan city,It was launched on December 22, 2017 and registered in April 2018. It is one of the first provincial laboratories in Guangdong Province, with four core sections: frontier scientific research, public technology platform and big science installation, innovative model factory, and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Intersection Science Center.It is positioned to become an internationally influential base of new material research and development in South China, an important part of national material science research, and a new window of cross-opening between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.A period (the first) plate construction plan of frontier science research laboratory basic scientific issues of focus in the field of materials with countries in the field of materials science and related major plans and tasks, include the structure materials, functional materials, and the new concept of materials, and other research direction, carry out a comprehensive, long-term, high technical difficulty of multidisciplinary cross fusion of material science and cutting-edge research.The public Technology Platform and Big Science Device focuses on building a world-class material science research base, with emphasis on building neutron science platform, material preparation and characterization platform, micro-machining and device platform, material calculation and database and other sub-platforms.To independently prepare for the establishment of a large scientific device with the goal of “material intelligence manufacturing”, to provide stable, professional and advanced scientific and technological support and talent output for the research in major fields of national material science and the innovation and breakthrough of key technologies.Innovative model factory is committed to promoting industrial technology research and industrial transformation of Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory, providing a powerful engine for the rapid transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.Introduction of high-quality project teams from well-known universities and research institutes at home and abroad, through the laboratory scientific and technological achievements in the model factory for small, pilot incubation, and the combination of the opportunity and social capital continue to cultivate a number of potential new material high-tech enterprises.The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Intersection Science Research Centre is based on songshan Lake Materials Laboratory, and is jointly established by various universities at home and abroad, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and other institutions.Centering on the key research materials of the laboratory, the center will expand the exchange and cooperation with other scientific fields, providing innovative ideas and achievements for scientific cross fusion, aiming to create a high-level, long-term and stable platform for academic exchange and cooperative research with international influence.We are looking for outstanding talents in the fields of metal materials, information materials, energy materials, ceramic materials, semiconductor materials, magnetic materials, superconducting materials, flexible electronic materials, soft materials and biomedical materials.The laboratory can provide a platform for those who are particularly excellent and have no relevant research direction at present.Detailed recruitment information, please see long triangle physics research center for the positive response to the call of national innovation driven development strategy, the Chinese Academy of Sciences institute of cooperation with liyang city of jiangsu province people’s government construction of Yangtze river delta physics research center (hereinafter referred to as the “center”), the center according to the enterprise as a legal person mode operation,Aim for transformation of scientific and technological achievements transfer, cutting-edge technology development, academic exchanges and scientific popularization, dedicated to the advancement in Yangtze river delta in the energy, information, sophisticated instruments and related technical competence in the field of intelligent equipment, liyang in frontier science and technology, new energy, high-end manufacturing, and other fields to build momentum for sustainable development, build a world famous science and technology innovation and academic exchanges.With a total investment of 1 billion yuan, the park covers an area of about 1000 mu, designed by the international architect Wei Yanwu. The project carries out the concept of “integrating mountains and rivers into cities”, including 82,500 square meters of scientific research center, conference center, experts and academic exchange center.The first phase of scientific research center and conference center have been officially put into use in September 2021, and the second phase of expert academic exchange center has been completed and will be put into use in 2022.The real picture center of the central park will be composed of clean energy RESEARCH and development Center, intelligent manufacturing Research and development Center, Tianmu Lake Advanced Energy Storage Technology Research Institute and a number of shareholding enterprises, and each part will achieve mutual strategic support and support.Focusing on solar cells, LED, thermoelectricity, fuel cells, and clean energy system integration technology, the Clean energy R&D Center gathers high-end experts in the field, cultivates a group of key technical personnel, and builds a world-class incubator base for clean energy technology.Intelligent manufacturing R&D center around intelligent sensing, intelligent manufacturing, industrial software, precision measurement and characterization technology as the starting point, gather high-end experts in the field, cultivate a group of key technical personnel, to create the international first-class intelligent manufacturing technology incubation base.Tianmu Lake Advanced Energy Storage Technology Research Institute focuses on the development of materials, devices and system integration technologies with promising applications, such as lithium ion batteries, solid state batteries, sodium ion batteries, etc.We will build a platform for intelligent manufacturing and high-throughput RESEARCH and development, solve scientific and technological bottlenecks in the process from scientific research to industrialization, lay out innovation chains, and create a new industrial chain.Semiconductor related field New energy related field Development and application of amorphous metal intelligent devices Intelligent Sensing and Intelligent Manufacturing Contact: Mr. Fu Tel: 010-82649469 Fax: Address: Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, www.iop.cas.cnEditor: aloysius