Culture and Redemption

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Before talking about people’s cultural structure memory, ordinary people will comment on others: this person’s cultural level is not simple, this person’s cultural level is rough, this person’s cultural level is general, this person’s cultural level is not passing the exam and so on…Culture has depth, height and secular standards. People’s understanding of culture has different cognitive patterns of rationality, neutrality and bias.For example, is love, love between a man and a woman, love of the skin, or love of friendship?Do men love women simply for friendship or for physical contact with their bodies?This is to ask men and women what they think, when the man hug the girl, the girl silly ask the boy: “Do you love me?”The boy would say :'Love, not only love, love to death.”And after the passion burns?There is no after, that is the play, is it retroactive subordination, or is it active attachment, no added value, pure pleasure, is this love?Yes and no. Pleasure and pleasure are conditions.Does love have a purpose?For example, like work, like learning, like a certain professional, do a line of love, this shows that love is a choice, what do you choose?Just focus on what you’re doing!Love is also selective. The beauty, the beautiful girl, the handsome boy and the beautiful boy that are often hung in the mouth are all visible objects. They are the first perspective known through the visual field, because the image of his and her dohyo gives you an impression, “beauty”.The beauty and ugliness of the inner world are opposite. In many cases, people like to listen to flattering words that are pleasing to the ear, and really hide their inner dissatisfaction. Even if the relationship is not good, they will play face projects, which is the cultural concept of being a good man.Why does society dislike people who talk straight?Because telling the truth exposes some unknown dark side, some people will say, you are a man, you should carry the past, can say, some things, you carry, it is possible to carry a lifetime, but for love, first carry, carry not go on, will explode, do you believe?Weak love will ruin the future of love, honest is the realization of love.The good seed of culture will spread and scatter its leaves, just as the bad seed does.For example :M country allows robbery, quota limit, this is to sow bad seeds to help the unearned.The Italian Mafia fled, and another force came in by looting and stealing. One by one, the seeds fell where they did not pick, blossomed and bore fruit. This fruit is called bitter fruit, who eats it, ordinary people.He couldn’t do it because the rich were on guard.Culture thrives in the hands of the dominant social leader, but also declines in the hands of the dominant person.(unfinished)