Who is more unfortunate, Chinese or American students?Education to the test is an outrage. American education is a bust

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Education is a national concern, not only Chinese parents always pay attention to the dynamics of the students, foreign parents are also very concerned about the students’ learning situation, so the students in different borders, accept different education methods, the results reflect a lot of problems, the gap is not the slightest bit.Children from birth have been growing up around their parents, to the age of 6 will be sent to school by their parents to receive formal education, by the teacher to teach knowledge, students with the grade rise, learn more and more knowledge, more and more difficult, and for the development of students in the education road, parents pay special attention to.Student is the earliest up that a wave of people every day, every day before dawn to wash gargle to go to school, until the end of the night lessons, to return to home or in the dormitory rest, students repeating the learning life day after day, every day to be decided in a fraction of the trend, the students have been in the middle of a learning, in order to make myself at the time of test test a good result,Only in this way can we hope to be admitted to a good school.Education in our country has been in perfect, constantly introducing new policies, it got the attention of parents and students, and they were afraid to hear bad for the students of notice, especially in the see test the shunt notice, let everyone’s heart was lifted up, and after the test the joined the new discipline, but also upset the students study plan.Our country’s education advocates the exam-oriented education and quality education, with the selection type choose good students, the students often go through examination, through competition, the score to award, finally the students after tests and the entrance examination, the mountain have a shawl spines graduated, it makes the students’ learning pressure is more and more big,As a result, Chinese students want to study more easily and freely.Sino-us education gap, China’s exam-oriented education make students tired, American education makes the students before the collapse of Yale university professor William DE lay us, have published a book, called the “good sheep: improper American elite education and how to have a meaningful life, get the attention of many people, this has caused a lot of controversy.Some foreign countries, such as the United States, The United Kingdom and other European and American areas, implement the education model of elite education and quality education, so that students can experience happiness in learning, while enjoying extracurricular activities, play a role in cultivating students’ overall ability.China has always been in favor of foreign education methods to cultivate students’ open mind and spirit of exploration. In order to enable students to learn more knowledge, the country sends students abroad for further study and western education, so as to improve their ability and enrich themselves.Chinese students always think that foreign education is very comfortable, the heavy and depressed learning atmosphere than China good too much, it makes Chinese students envy, but the fact is the American students are not as easy as it seems, even more tired than Chinese students to learn, this is going on here?Education in the United States not only has exam-oriented education, but also is carried out by “stratification”, which is divided into “middle-class quality education, top-level elite education and low-level exam-oriented education”. This is equivalent to forming a system, one is the leader, another is the low-level personnel, and the last one is the executor in the middle.Class hierarchy is very obvious, the underlying families children will get places in the form of the draw in admissions, and foreign students go to college before, to prepare a lot of things, they can only choose the course difficult, challenging courses to read, so seemingly gave the freedom of choice, but the result and finalized, students can only through their own efforts to get results,There is no time to rest.Do students really have a good development after attending elite schools?For students from different school, they vary in degree of gold, at the same time, the ability of their own, to master the professional knowledge level is worse than not, if the students who graduated from the university of bad, then on the employment will be subjected to many obstacles, even with their own expectations on salary differ a lot.But graduated from school students, employment, will be a little easier, recognition by unit of choose and employ persons, also can let oneself get satisfactory work at the same time, income also will be very substantial, treatment will be very good, this is unmatched by ordinary college graduates, so this is also a lot of parents always hope their children can be admitted to universities.The author would like to say that compared with education in different countries and regions, China’s education is more equitable. At least, students learn the same knowledge and there is no restriction on enrollment, which guarantees the rights and interests of parents and students with absolute fairness.After graduation, students must come up with their own advantages, education is the first brick to knock on the job, if the degree does not pass, then graduates can not even enter the door, not to mention the realization of their life value.Today’s topic: Which do you think is better, “exam-oriented education” or “elite education”?