They also have these “hidden skills” (4)

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Here, there are a group of young people full of vigor and vitality, they love their work, rigorous and responsible;Outside work, they love life and sunshine.They “gather like a ball of fire, scattered like a sky of stars”.The Youth League Committee of Dongying Middle School specially opened a column of “Stars all over the Sky”, aiming to build a platform for young people to show themselves and communicate with each other, and enhance the centripetal force, cohesion and combat effectiveness of young people in the court.Roll out handicraft hobby topic now, come to know them in the life together!From marriage and family to labor disputes, from land contracts to neighborhood relations, civil cases affect every aspect of people’s livelihood.Between the rise and fall of the mallet, what we hear is the internal quarrels and what we see is the expectation of the people.On top of the scales, they were the posts of the civil trial team, the judges and the clerks, the cases were closed, the cases that served them were written for the people.Taking off their robes and stepping down from the courtroom, they were mothers, wives, and daughters.They are clever, careful, they use the female unique warmth weaving rich and colorful amateur life.”Knitting a dream” Liu Yuqi afternoon sun tilt, shining into the heart warm.Taking advantage of the silence, I picked up the crochet pen and began to shape the mystery in my heart.Needle and thread slack, curtain low volume, other flavor.My first encounter with this amazing handicraft was lying on my mother’s lap and feeling her ability to knit sweaters.A needle and a line into a masterpiece, clouds and rain skillfully day work, milky white and blue interweave, drive away my whole cold cold winter.A sweater crochet needs a small half moon, wear the upper body only a few seconds, warm I really is decades.This is the mother hand line.When I picked up the hook pen and learned to crochet like my mother, I learned that crochet is not easy after numerous trial and error experiences. The test is skill and patience.With the weaving method of the network, the bag, pillow and other fabrics, appreciate the charm of spiral circle hook, cross line hook and other techniques, constantly sublimated in the challenges.The sense of accomplishment, from months to weeks, is unprecedented, and the joy and comfort of giving something to someone else is truly rare.It is also through years of working with needle and thread that I realize that knitting is just a form and bringing warmth and kindness to people is the ultimate value.What does crochet bring to me?In addition to a traditional technique, probably more is the state of mind.Patience is precious when the needle and thread are intertwined and the work fails.For my five years of clerk work, is also a treasure, court, volume, do not need to drop water wears away a stone, meticulous character?Will be the craftsmanship than the work, no matter when, this rare state of mind, will be my most proud of the masterpiece.