Liuzhou Institute of Technology held a seminar to strengthen the construction of first-class undergraduate courses

2022-05-13 0 By

On January 25, Liuzhou Institute of Technology held a symposium.Wei Feng, executive vice president of the school attended the meeting and gave guidance.The meeting was presided over by Huang Kaiping, minister of educational Affairs.Wei feng pointed out that education and teaching is the central work of the school, and the quality of talent cultivation is the lifeline of the school.The university adheres to the socialist orientation in running schools, fully implements the Party’s education policy, fully implements the fundamental task of cultivating talents through virtue, and comprehensively improves the quality of personnel training in the university.In promoting the construction of first-class undergraduate courses, it is necessary to strengthen the sense of urgency, reflect the professionalism, improve the sense of responsibility, normalize the construction of first-class undergraduate courses, and realize the characteristic development and excellent construction.Wei Feng emphasized that first-class courses are the fundamental core and important starting point of first-class major construction, and the key of course construction lies in “promoting construction with application, increasing investment with construction, and improving quality with investment”.To do a good undergraduate course, we must follow the requirements and standards of “gender once”.Executive Director Wei also gave in-depth guidance to the construction of autonomous region first-class undergraduate courses, including application process, matters needing attention, curriculum experiment development and school-enterprise cooperation.At the meeting, Huang Kaiping made an interpretation of the notice on the Application of the Third Batch of Autonomous Region-level first-class undergraduate courses, and expressed his full support for the application of first-class undergraduate courses.The seminar was attended by teachers from school of Economics and Management, School of Automotive Engineering and School of Civil Engineering, as well as teachers who plan to apply for autonomous region first-class undergraduate courses.(Correspondent: Wei Jing, Liuzhou Institute of Technology)