Good shandong | small grasshopper “jump” out of the farmers to get rich

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“Fuyu Grasshopper, skip all the year round” and “Strawberries grown from grasshopper dung, Taste of childhood” have been popular in wechat groups, moments of friends and public accounts.Before and after the Spring Festival, is in the best picking period, grasshopper catching, strawberry picking, tomato picking, become the “Spring Festival season” adults, children go to The Valley of the first choice “program”.February 4, start of Spring.Early in the morning, the reporter came to the foot of yi Hill fu Yu village, rows of houses white wall red tile, built according to the mountain, along the river and living.Out of the village to the northwest direction of the road, looking ahead, plastic greenhouses and high temperature glass greenhouses along the mountain cascading distribution, stretching into a piece, like a silver dragon, from the entrance of the village has been extended to the foot of the mountain, quite spectacular.Days just bright, the village secretary Wang Junli got up and put on a thick cotton vest, wearing velvet gloves, as usual to the direction of the greenhouse.Although it is the Spring Festival, the shed work can not be delayed.Reporters noticed that Wang Lichun arrived early.”I’ve been working here for two years, 300 days a year, 80 yuan a day, keeping the ‘iron rice bowl.’ What can’t I do?”In the year of ear-shun, Wang Lichun could not do heavy work. He could only work on a small plot of land, planting peanuts and corn.”Wang Lichun” suddenly did not have a heart, became a registered poor households.Wang Junli admitted that there were many such people in the past.Fuyu is a typical mountain village, the villagers live along the river, the per capita arable land is less than 1 mu, coupled with poor land, bare board field dug peanuts, corn just enough to make a living, have the ability to go out to work early.In 2014, the village of 410 households 1470 people 96 households, 174 poor people, was a typical provincial poor village Linqu.Deep poverty village how to get rid of poverty?Wang called in experts to check the pulse and found that the sandy soil could grow Mexican corn, a good food for grasshoppers.Grasshopper farming industry is a good way out of poverty with small investment, quick results, less labor and high income.”In the third year, the village grasshopper farmers developed to more than ten households, breeding greenhouses nearly 30, the scale is getting bigger and bigger.”Wang Junli calculated an account to the reporter, 6 meters wide, 20 meters long standardized breeding shed a year can breed 4 crops, each crop output grasshopper 200 pounds, according to the current purchase price of 15 yuan per catty to calculate, a shed income of 8000 yuan to 10000 yuan is not a problem.The “earth locust gold” in Bodi has helped the former poor village to “take off its hat” and become a famous village in shandong’s “Ten hundred thousand” demonstration project of rural revitalization.Monocultures, however, quickly hit a bottleneck.Wang Junli was scratching his head. At that time, the village was not well-known, and few merchants came to buy it, relying on market retail and distribution to the hotel, and the sales were relatively narrow.How to change the situation that villager fights alone, realize stable increase income?Taking advantage of the “east wind” of targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, Fuyu Village has adopted the management mode of “Party branch + cooperative + farmer” to set up feihuang Grasshopper breeding professional cooperative, which attracts farmers in the village as members and provides them with unified seedling planting, unified guidance and unified sales.The richer the purse, the happier the villagers.’To think of such a day!Wang Lichun breaks fingers to count two big changes: the first pile is a pocket, cooperative work plus dividends, the family income of more than 20,000 yuan;The second pile is every household hardening of the whole village streets and lanes, the construction of a cultural square, he also moved into a new house!”The key is to choose the right path, external forces to stimulate internal forces, rural revitalization will be more confident.”In Wang junli’s view, locust and other specialty agricultural products should not only be sold at a high price, but also force local industries to become bigger, stronger and better, laying a more solid industrial foundation for rural revitalization.At present, there are 155 standardized grasshopper breeding sheds, 5 high temperature breeding sheds, 6 high temperature planting sheds, 1 sightseeing experience area, 30 tons of cold storage, 500 square meters of grasshopper trading market, and supporting infrastructure construction such as water, electricity and roads, and become a “big base and market” for grasshopper breeding.The income of grasshopper alone amounted to 3.6 million yuan.Grasshopper breeding is the first step, industrial revitalization is the most important.Fuyu village from the beginning of the construction of graspist base to now has more than five years, Wang Junli deeply felt: “we will combine their own advantages and strength, continue to deepen industrial integration, the development of village collective economy and promote the income of ordinary people as an important task, and constantly explore new space, new channels to increase income and get rich.”At present, in fuyu Grasshopper base, in addition to grasshopper breeding shed, high temperature planting shed, strawberries, tomatoes and other strong growth.After visiting the base, tourists can pick strawberries, catch grasshoppers and grasshoppers, taste fried grasshoppers and other characteristic products, and initially form a new pattern of integration of agriculture and tourism.”Extend the industrial chain, upgrade the value chain, improve the benefit chain, try to explore the integration of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and truly let the villagers share the value-added benefits of the whole industrial chain.”Wang Junli said that our next step will rely on the geographical advantages of the main scenic area bordering Yishan and the western rural tourism line through the village, with grasshopper breeding industry as the core, actively explore the ecological development model of “grasshopper breeding and processing + fruit and vegetable planting + sightseeing experience”, integrate mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and villages, etc.We will build a rural complex integrating characteristic rural leisure, green organic farming, and ecological recreation and vacation.”I feel inexhaustible strength to make a good day with my hands!”Wang junli’s swarthy face is brimming with confidence as he talks about his plans for the Year of the Tiger.