German media hyped Chinese brand Peak “forced labor”, German basketball Association: No discovery

2022-05-13 0 By

Recently, German media made another issue of the so-called “forced labor” and “questioned” the partnership between German basketball and Chinese brand Peak.In response, The German basketball Association said on 16 days, after repeated visits to the production base, did not find any “forced labor” phenomenon.German news show “Tagesschau” posted an article on its website on Monday alleging that Peak, a sponsor of the German men’s basketball team, had been accused of “forced labor.”The “data” and “evidence” cited by the media are still the same platitudes used by western media, western “human rights organizations” and The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) to denigrate Xinjiang cotton.He also said, “Financial resources are the reason why German basketball association does not let go.”Following a media hype, The German basketball Association, which has a long-term partnership with Peak, became the target of criticism and was asked to “explain the current economic cooperation with Peak”.In 2012, the peak sport products company announced the formal basketball association signed a sponsorship deal with Germany, as Germany basketball association official exclusive supplier and senior partner, basketball movement development of Germany, with German basketball association for the German national basketball male, female, youth team to provide professional basketball jerseys, training and other equipment as well as the support.In 2017, the two sides continued to seek cooperation until 2028.In response to reports of “forced Labour”, The German basketball Association said: “During previous visits to the factory, the German basketball Association has repeatedly checked the working and production conditions on site and found no evidence of ‘forced Labour’.”Wolfgang Brenscheidt, the association’s secretary general, said German basketball would not question its partnership with Peak for now.However, under pressure, Mr Brunscheit caved in, saying he would “look at the supply chain issues of sponsors” and travel to China in the future to discuss the matter with sponsors.It is nothing new for Western countries to denigrate “forced labor” in Xinjiang, and it has long been proved to be a lie full of loopholes.However, they still use this as an excuse to try to limit Chinese brands’ overseas cooperation projects.Including Li Ning, Anta, Peak and other Chinese brands have not shown weakness, have given a strong response, publicly expressed support for Xinjiang Cotton.On March 9, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian reiterated that “the so-called ‘forced labor’ in Xinjiang is a big lie cooked up by anti-China forces and has no factual basis.”This article is an exclusive article, shall not be reproduced without authorization.