Come on!Kaka a leopard change

2022-05-13 0 By

When the global automobile personality platform meets the new generation of network celebrities light run shadow leopard BOOM!Inspiron collision set off a # Shadow leopard tide change # upsurge lasting for a month 10W+ user participation to create leopard change experts, car circle big names, senior designers, fashion hipsters together save cases 6000+ collect works 300+ enthusiasm “leopard” hair,Brilliant quickly follow in the footsteps of small kei jun together to experience the creative storm ~ “leopard” fiery red collocation to works composed in silver grey color, dynamic 20-inch wheels and low flat is better than the combination of the tire show movement fashion inspiration from classic kobe zijin street “leopard” wide-body, short tail, small steel roof wing model integrated with strong strength of be vividly portrayed left slide,See more video game scenes out of the shadow leopard waist line lamp tube elements use to make the finishing touch to give the vehicle science and technology feeling left slide, see more high-gloss chrome body leopard leopard looks very futuristic large cast side data card just right vehicle posture quite in place left slide,View more purple body tone rectangular drawing lines like circuit board general modeling small Qi Jun give 100 points!Left slide, see more cyber shadow leopard prowl at night in bloom like a night elf in a flash of light colorful color left slide, see more classic black color and costly and militantly proclaim big tail reveal movement gene oppressive feeling we left slide, see more pure white body color highlight unruly ground modelling collocation handsome wing this wave of personality, balance!Inspired by the surfboard combination of white and green in summer is like the blue waves of the sea summer feels dye-in-the-wood blue and white body color let TA when resting more composed start like a cheetah gallop in concrete forest is also a modification of the pure color white body elegant expensive gas and orange is more make public bright bold contrast color combination release different young passion do street and double trackHeavy sharp gradient color and white line embellishment yes!TA is sweet cool pink Panther hit by the author’s girly heart!Used to leopards?Then check out the Off-road Leopard for a change!Thick tires + raised chassis is the African Leopard this leopard modified leopard set tide, cool, beautiful in a large number of eyes see flowers ~ you most favorite which one?