What simulators do Clash of Clans use for fun?-MuMu simulator is more stable and fully functional

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Join millions of players as they build villages, form clans and take part in epic clan battles!Angry bearded barbarians join millions of players to build villages, form clans and take part in epic clan battles!By using MuMu simulator, Clash of Clans mobile game can be run on the desktop simulator. As a free software produced by NetEase, MuMu simulator has both Win and MAC versions, which can adapt to mainstream Android applications and software in the market and some IOS mobile games, and is well received by players and anchors of B station.Not only good compatibility, strong stability, but also broke through the frame rate limit of the game on mobile phones, support 60, 120 frame high frame rate, visual experience is more silky cool.Here’s how to play Clash of Clans using the MuMu simulator.1. Open the web page and search for “MuMu Simulator”, and enter the official website of MuMu simulator.2. Click “Download MuMu Simulator” to download;Method 1: After downloading and installing Clash of Clans, run the simulator, open the Application center or directly search clash of Clans in the search box;Select the desired channel server from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner for download.Method 2: If the application center does not find the required application, you can install the application through APK and synchronize the application to the emulator.In addition, MuMu simulator can also run many popular mobile games such as Ark of Tomorrow, Blue Route, King of Glory, Onmyoji, Golden Shod Shod, etc. New mobile games will also be launched at the same time.3. Simulator Settings are optimized to make Clash of Clans run smoothly and stably.2. Click on the upper right corner of the simulator – Settings center – Advanced Settings, and adjust the performance Settings to an appropriate state;For most users, if the performance is set to “medium”, it is the appropriate configuration, which can run most games smoothly. For players with poor configuration, the customization should be no lower than “2 core /2G”, and no lower than “4 core /3G” if the game package is too large or the picture quality of the game is high.Note that the higher the CPU is, the better. The maximum number of CPU cores must not exceed half the number of computer cores, otherwise it will stall.3. If black screen or splintered screen occurs during the running of the game, you can try to solve the problem by switching the graphics card rendering mode through the upper right corner of the simulator – Setting center – Advanced Settings.Note that DirectX and OpenGL should be installed for different graphics card rendering modes. If they are missing, they can be switched after installation according to the tutorial. At the same time, it is necessary to switch to “independent graphics card” to run the simulator smoothly.Once you’re done, you’re ready to enjoy clash of Clans on your mobile phone!MuMu simulator can not only run Clash of Clans mobile games, but also support adaptation of different types of mobile games such as MMO, MOBA and Eat the Chicken, and is configured with a variety of convenient functions.MuMu simulator is connected with keyboard, mouse and gamepad. It not only has preset cloud solutions, but also can be easily customized. With smart keys and macro keys, you can make combo attacks and fatal shots.MuMu simulator’s operation recording function can realize automatic click to execute operation, and can also set script cycle mode, simulator setting and simulation mode by itself, greatly improving hanging efficiency and stability!With complte patterns in 2.6.4 simulator version and can support the above simulator, additional simulator broke the additional application way can at most 5 open additional restrictions, the higher the performance of the computer itself, open more the higher limit, and all the additional simulator can be used at the same time recording operation, more convenient to switch operation, easy to hang up the liver trumpet!Some games run device-limited on mobile, with only 30 frames.However, MuMu simulator uses intelligent frame complement technology, which can make the game from 30 frames to 60 frames and the game from 60 frames to 120 frames, greatly improving the fluency and enjoying a better visual experience!For more gameplay and features, download the MuMu simulator and enjoy the extraordinary “new” experience of mobile games!Join clash of Clans player Q Group to exchange experience and share happiness with players!NetEase MuMu simulator is a kind of android simulator software developed for mobile gamers. Based on the traditional android simulator engine, Android6.0 kernel and X64 architecture, it can support Android9.0 at the highest with relatively stable performance. It can experience 99% mainstream games and applications on the market on a large screen.The compatibility of android emulators is beyond similar mobile games, and you can also enjoy the silky feeling brought by 120 frames high. The functions of operation recording and intelligent keyboard and mouse can meet your different game needs, making it easy for you to play without losing your mind!MuMu Simulator official website: http://mumu.163.comMuMu Simulator official community: https://w.mumu.163.com/ Official Weibo: MuMu Simulator official post: MuMu Simulator Bar wechat official account: gs_163B Station number: MuMu Simulation-Mujiang