Tianjin Nankai District Market Supervision Bureau strictly checks “no bottom line marketing” to escort the growth of minors

2022-05-12 0 By

The Chinese quality network To protect minors’ physical and mental health, such as comprehensive management campus and the surrounding, the network platform for minors without bottom line marketing scatological food phenomenon, recently, the market supervision administration and the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Security jointly issued on the bottom line for no minors marketing food special governance to notice.Tianjin Nankai District market supervision comprehensive administrative law enforcement detachment responded to the implementation of the first time, the area around the campus of food operators to carry out a special inspection, to prevent the occurrence of relevant illegal acts.Law enforcement officers carried out random inspections of stationery stores, food stores and supermarkets around the campus in Nankai District, focusing on five aspects: first, whether there is unauthorized food production, production and operation of food safety standards and illegal labeling of food;Second, whether there is false or misleading commercial propaganda on commodity performance and function;Three is whether the existence of spoof, vulgar and contain pornography, soft pornography and other violations of public order and good customs, damage the physical and mental health of minors advertising;Fourth, whether there is any product design, production, agency and advertising which is prohibited by laws and administrative regulations such as “three no products”;Fifth, whether the existence of production and operation of goods infringing the right to exclusive use of registered trademarks.In the inspection, law enforcement officers explained the relevant laws and regulations to market subjects, warning merchants not to appear above illegal acts.In this inspection, nankai District Market supervision bureau dispatched a total of 20 law enforcement officers, inspection of 10 businesses, involving 6 streets within the jurisdiction.Four secondary schools.3 primary schools, not found the above illegal behavior.(Source: Nankai Shi ‘an)