The wind and rain are falling, the moon and the sun in the pot is big, drunk in the world green

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Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian Sinology art wind and cloud change, good dating, sun and moon reincarnation is the right way.Wine is half awake, wind and rain is falling, pot of the sun and moon universe, drunk in the world green.The stars two dim, the world in the sky each party, nine moats rising good.Heaven and earth with a dream, the sun and the moon a total of thousands of years, moments of beauty a tevatron tears flow.A qing song moves nine moats, moments of beauty ren Jun cut, pot in the sun and moon world vientiane open.Ann sanjie, empty pride move nine moat, reincarnation of heaven and earth, where to find penglai.The sun and the moon in the pot are leisurely, laughing at the changes in the world.Heaven and earth sun and moon drunk universe, moments of beauty nine million liyun.Prohibit the open Chen swim, days on the immortal chan chan life, from long music day.This festival is beautiful moonlight, tonight, thousands of miles of stars lights and reunion.In good time, the view of flowers times feel close, chan with the moon, a total of sorrow and joy in spring.Feast for the eyes I do not know, beautiful beauty in front of the moon invites endless joy.A total of wine, laughter music boundless, beautiful scenery with celebration, drunk enjoy chang ‘e dance sleeve long.Beautiful time where not prosperous, enjoy the spring to thousands of, beautiful moonlight this joy to the end of the world.Beautiful pen human music one hundred years, auspicious auspicious auspicious auspicious flourishing world admire confidante.Jiujiutian, admire thousands, Beautiful Moonlight torch music youyan.Nothing to admire the beautiful woman, remember the old days before the window, looking at this joy poor.Clouds dim moon chan, the wine linfeng beautiful Chen with wishes, and you hand in hand to enjoy the autumn lotus.Sailing music boundless, the end of the moon and beautiful moonlight, poetry and song spring breeze for another year.Spring unlimited enchanting, beautiful beauty beautiful Chen beaming high, chan with wishes, a hundred years of good happy happy.Much joy, Chan Trinidad acacia, the most is the autumn night, the month to the best day always do not know.The festival is coming and every day, enjoy the chrysanthemum donglin times feel close, beautiful moonlight, toast to le Tianlun.Pleasing to the eyes unprecedented, every day of the festival, chan sorrow and joy together.Bingxin a joys and sorrows regardless of the year, tonight beautiful Chen hand in hand to enjoy the sky.Hanging as da1000, under the bodhi tree does not dye the heart like water, wash all lead-hua only see the sky.Drizzle wash lotus pond, dust from overflowing incense, linden tree hanging Buddha light.A tree bodhi flower is open, the heart is like a mirror without moss, breeze wash dust free.Wind wash, Wan Liqing, bodhi tree under the stage before seeing the moon rise.Linden tree sit lotus, high hanging according to the shadow, wash a wisp of lead-hua swing dust.Wash the sky, dust gas from the male, under the bodhi tree to listen to zen, the mirror in front of the color empty.Still hear thousands of miles according to the journey, two love if the wind high moon unknown.Every time I see the moon in front of the window, I often think of people in two places.Rise and fall as a passing water, lang yue as the universe, chan thousands of miles in tears.Shake the sky, dance blue sky, two ears do not hear only see the moon hazy.Cloud cover fog cover hazy month, two acacia the same, beautiful moonlight cherish love.Falling flowers red, acacia on the moon empty, moonlight thousands of miles away, I do not know where to send autumn sound.Tears shed jing heaven and earth, Du Yu cry qiguishen, July durian blood cast poetry soul.Three thousand years of audio transmission ear, total moonlight at this time, heaven and earth two look at each other, the fairy in the month infatuation.Such as hook up the end of the world, thousands of mountains and rivers together must not, love to the depths of tears.By the rain, love in the depths of the wind blowing, thousands of miles in total moon, wanshuichangliu no longer return.Cool breeze moon two chan, a long march, edge set sansheng stone engraved, love even the dream of the four seas round.Thousands of mountains and rivers difficult to meet, a bing Xin yun to the moon, this life is predestined to renew the affection lingering.Always add color to the feeling, the grass is still edge qianshan is love, yun heart send iraqis.Edge dream, kyushu children for love, thousands of miles in total moon, water a line of sky.Love, stone dream no, thousands of mountains and rivers empty phase memory, leaning on the railings to see yun.China billion chan, thousands of mountains, heaven yue words reunion.Thousands of mountains and rivers bingxin on yun, mo road no two dream connected.Edge save eventually thin luck, old but more sorrow, poor yun qianshan always autumn.Deep tears with jin, why the cost of meditation, thousands of mountains and rivers yun according to my heart.Still far, always sorrow, predestined relationship together deep tears flow.A line lead, chan, predestined relationship network deep meaning more firm.Edge send goose, you dream for love, chan don’t understand from the people’s satisfaction, a total moon circle.Butterfly because of the heavy feeling, 100 turn the edge of love deep, qianshui Qianshan dream.Yun month such as hook hanging blue sky, 10 thousand water each west east, predestined relationship together this life affection thick.Love a wisp around the heart, dream meet always margin, the long march and beautiful moonlight so close.Flowers are ashamed, wit and beauty where to seek, such as poetry who share, good moments like wine I left alone.Jiangnan beauty makes acacia, it is a good dream, to ask beauty where to go, confidante who knows.Don’t say beauty since romantic, jiangnan beauty moments I alone sorrow.Easy to die you do not know, beauty is difficult to leave beauty where to find, confidant fateful to acacia.Picturesque companion line, enjoy the moon, beauty beauty of a talented woman.Potpouris, beauty drunk heartbroken, good dreams must wake up, picturesque night is not ended.Don’t say beauty fate lovely, a smile flowers open, Jiangnan beautiful moments I come again.Bright night sky, beauty with joy gas surplus, beauty where to go, beauty smile comfort life.Under the beauty alone, beauty fateful sigh lingling, good dream difficult to pay attention to restless.Beauty smile beauty wanligui, poetic beauty dream.Unusual, into the gallery, to ask beauty a smile full of ting Fang.Where to send acacia, confidante smile I am crazy, don’t say just moments of beauty.Fleeting sigh fleeting, beauty is difficult to leave beauty where to find, confidante fate for who pity.Beauty is better than the peach blossom, beautiful days never night, beautiful woman bosom friend.Where to find the talented beauty, beauty is fateful who pity, good dreams must wake up, beauty is difficult to stay for another year.Who knows, beauty such as poetry into the painting, beauty has no place to find, confidant laugh acacia.Picturesque acacia, moments of fleeting feeling difficult to hold, beauty gone forever, confidant who knows.Beauty with your line, a smile of beauty, moments of passing picturesque drunk spring breeze.In my dream, I still remember flowers across the town, drunk and sleepless.Knock on the window is not willing to sleep, dawn on the pillow brushed qianshan green, suspected is a dream of flowers all over the sky.Breeze stroke soft, the shadow on my heart, acacia a pillow hard to sleep tears flow.Who in the dream blowing jade flute, I in the window blowing yao qin, sleepless night acacia tears full jin.Can’t sleep, heartbroken sound, spring breeze blowing willow dream infinite feelings.Night static deeper people do not sleep, alone pillow tears trickling down cheeks, when the wind blowing dream round.Willow new, vaguely old people, sleepless sleepless sleepless tears wet wipes.Last night dream blowing liuyuexiao hook, I do not know today evening acacia to hoary.A good fate, still hold the book sleep, breeze blowing dream listen to cuckoo.Dream hollow romantic, flick since wandering, spring sleep do not feel acacia tears full cheeks.Interjection, leaning down the stairs together, the wind fluttering willows still fastening the boats.The breeze blows my heart like drunk, dream vaguely see the old man, a sleepless sleepless tears wet towel.Watching egrets, lying snow to enjoy red plum, spring breeze blowing qianshan green, suspected to be a fairy in a dream.Clear wave green reflects red, dreamers in the small bridge east, wake up on the pillow flower sleep grass shed empty.A pillow before the window to listen to the rain, midnight more alone do not sleep, the wind blows thousands of wisps of willow, dream is still chan.Liu smoke fan verdant green, dream and see sleep on the night of rain, a difficult night to listen to the dawn bell.A few people know, enjoy it not self, after the Ming dynasty wind and rain, enjoy the scenery with you.– Zheng Huixian # 100 # 100 List #