The height of the “ideal girlfriend”, the southern girl is “innocent”, the first is not 168cm

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After going up to university, parents do not manage their children very much.Whether they want to have a part-time job or a romantic relationship, the parents almost always play the role of spectators, because in their opinion, their children have grown up and have to face life on their own.It may be that dating is forbidden in high school, so many college students find their partners soon after they start college.If you look further, you will find a rule, it seems that girls tend to like tall and thin guys, and then guys tend to like shorter girls.For a long time, the best height for girls is 168, which they think is not only good looking, but also better for finding a mate.But this is no longer the case. According to a survey, the height most favored by boys is no longer 168, but 160.Because in boys’ eyes, this height is not only lovely, but also a little mature.Of course, height is not the only criterion for judging. The most important thing for us is to improve our inner charm. After all, appearance cannot be a meal forever.So do guys only like girls who are 160?In fact, this is not the case, for some boys who like cute girls, they will prefer girls of 150, because such girls look small, very cute.And for some already tall men, they still prefer their partners to be on 170, so that they will look more harmonious.For some boys who are not tall, it is difficult for them to accept girls who are 170, because this will put a lot of pressure on them, and they will have less courage when walking together.Therefore, the best height for girls is between 160 and 164, which is acceptable and favored by many boys.Of course, not only boys have requirements for girls’ height, girls also have requirements for their partners when looking for boyfriends.In the eyes of girls, boys are not the taller the better. In their eyes, the best height is between 178 and 180, so that they will look better together.Height this problem, when looking for the other half not only now, can pay more attention to, actually a few jobs also have height requirement.They just need a certain height to sign up for jobs like flight attendants.Therefore, for students whose height is not up to standard, it can be said that there is no way to enter this industry.To this end, many students hope to rely on their own efforts to grow taller, so what on earth can make yourself taller?The first is exercise, which can be said to be the simplest way, whether boys or girls, will have a certain help.For example, playing basketball, skipping and so on, which can promote metabolism, can let students’ bones for secondary development.Secondly, diet should also be paid attention to.If you want to grow taller, you can’t just eat foods high in sugar and salt all the time. It’s better to have a balanced diet.It is very important not to forget to supplement calcium.Finally, develop the habit of going to bed early and getting up early. Eleven o ‘clock at night is the best time for bone development. If you do not go to bed on time, it is very difficult to achieve.When a lot of college students are looking for a job actually now, can discover, a few posts are quite strict to the requirement of height.So, we are looking for a job, must be good to pay attention to the relevant matters.Like height, there is no way to change things, we do not need to be too sad, after all, there are still a lot of positions do not need height requirements.Although it is a good thing to reach a relatively good height, it doesn’t matter if you don’t reach it. After all, in many cases, improving your inner beauty is the most important thing.Appearance can only bring us temporary convenience, but certainly not for a long time.Therefore, if you want to stay in a certain industry for a long time, or pay more attention to their own value!As long as you are valuable enough, there are things that can get you in regardless of your height.Boys and girls, we still can’t put down our studies in college.This is a multi-faceted learning, we should not put down the study of professional knowledge, do not put down the study of appearance, do not put down the study of communication with people.Four years in college, whether long or short, can really change a person.The author’s message: I hope every student can find their favorite half in the university, also hope that you can take a good look at the height of this problem.To understand what height doesn’t mean, it’s important to be beautiful on the inside.After all, height is mainly a genetic problem. If your parents are not tall, it will be difficult for you to grow taller.