The city’s discipline inspection and supervision cadres hot discussion of the fifth second plenary session of the municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection

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Gansu Zhangye Network news On February 9, the second plenary session of the fifth municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection was held successfully.After the meeting, the discipline inspection and supervision organs of Zhangye city at all levels and the majority of cadres studied hard, responded enthusiastically and triggered hot discussions.We all agreed that we should shoulder our oversight responsibility firmly, uphold discipline and rules, and work tirelessly to deepen our efforts to comprehensively govern the Party with strict discipline with self-revolutionary courage, perseverance and perseverance.The new era and new journey put forward new and higher requirements for discipline inspection and supervision.”After listening to comrade Lu Xiaoheng’s speech and Comrade Cui Jinyun’s work report, I was greatly encouraged and felt deeply responsible!”Wang Qiang, deputy secretary of the municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and deputy director of the commission, said that the sixth plenary session of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the plenary session of the provincial and municipal commission for discipline Inspection is the fundamental adherence to our current and future work.We will thoroughly study and apply all the spirit, and always adhere to the people as the center, to consolidate deepen “I does the practical work for the masses”, strictly punish corruption and style around the public, solidly carry out “three listed into a” special operation, further promote key areas special projects to improve the county, township and village (community) three-level linkage supervision mechanism,We will encourage oversight to sink to the ground and extend it to the people so that they feel more secure and happy.In the city commission for Discipline Inspection of the case supervision and management office held a learning meeting, the comrades have said that to study the city commission for discipline inspection of the fifth session of the second plenary session of the spirit and study of the Central Commission for Discipline inspection, provincial commission for discipline inspection of the sixth plenary session of the spirit together, and are doing together, timely follow up learning, contact actual learning, through learning,Translate the learning effect into the practical action of constantly promoting the high-quality development of case supervision and management.”We will strictly in accordance with the municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the whole meeting formulated ‘task book’ and ‘road map’, take the initiative to grasp the implementation of the standard, to nail the spirit of the party’s governance requirements to implement the details.”Shandan county party committee standing committee, county discipline inspection commission secretary, supervisory commission director Cheng Xinmin said, will continue to deepen the reform of the supervision system, tree prison supervision “chess” thinking, strengthen internal linkage, strengthen external cooperation, the formation of supervision force, and constantly improve the discipline inspection and supervision of standardization of the rule of law regularized level.City commission for discipline inspection of the prison to delegate ZhuShi development and reform commission disciplinary watchdog group leader generation has said: “we will focus on implementing new development concept and strict supervision in the department to carry out the” sanxin high requirements, accelerate the “four one screen at a city five area, construction of key projects’ construction and industrial action to the ground to carry out the breakthrough development, with strong effective supervision power green transformation high quality development.””We must respond to the people’s thoughts, concerns and expectations, and vigorously crack down on corruption and misconduct around the people.”Gaotai county party committee and secretary of the county commission for discipline inspection, said Yu Jianfeng, director of the committee, should be about to carry out all the spirit of advancing movement to build a clean government and anti-corruption work, insist on not rot, not rot and decay don’t want to push, persistence pays special attention to the attitude construction, the requirements of “the later is more strict” goes through work always.City commission for discipline inspection supervisor appointed ambassador to sasac disciplinary watchdog group for the first time through WeChat, a variety of forms such as QQ, project meeting forward relevant news and conference.Zhang Ping, head of the group, said that the CPC Central Committee will unswervingly implement the eight-point rules and the spirit of its implementation rules, with the courage to take responsibility and overcome difficulties, layer upon layer of responsibility, tighten the institutional cage, and constantly “rectify the four winds”, correct the work style, and effectively implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee.Linze xinhua town of discipline inspection commission secretary Li Zhengwang said, as a discipline inspection organization at the grass-roots level, all glued to implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country, deepening the reform of rural, rural construction in key areas such as action, deepening the special projects in the field of people’s livelihood, strengthening supervision and enforcement through fusion, continue to intensify supervision, enhance the precision and efficiency of the daily supervision, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests earnestly.The discipline inspection and supervision team is an important force to promote the Party’s self-revolution, and must strengthen its self-construction with higher standards and stricter requirements.Ganzhou district, vice secretary of discipline inspection commission, area supervisor JinJianMin deputy director of the committee, said the city commission for discipline inspection plenum put forward to strict supervision, discipline inspection focus on forging new era tiejun, to political construction as the first priority, with good cadres study class, the wind business forum and other learning platform, continue to deepen the party history study, deepen the “centralized training + the master took + real post practice” education training mode,We will carry out regular home visits and heart-to-heart talks with officials and politicians, strengthen internal oversight and constraints, and build an iron army of discipline inspection and supervision that is politically competent and highly skilled.”The work report of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection fully reflects the mission responsibility of performing duties faithfully and the confidence and determination of moving forward and promoting development with courage and perseverance”.Li Dejin, the cadre of the office of the Discipline inspection Commission and supervision Commission of Minle County, said that it would adhere to the “learning” as the first word and “doing” as the word, pay attention to summarize and refine in daily work, deepen understanding, develop the good habit of doing in school and middle school, and constantly enhance the ideological consciousness, political consciousness and action consciousness of independent learning.Strive to become a pen can write, open mouth can speak, ask policy can be right, be able to handle the discipline inspection and supervision cadres.Generally said, want to learn more to carry out the important speech spirit and the central commission for discipline inspection of the general secretary of xi jinping, ShengJiWei, municipal commission for discipline inspection all the deployment requirements, tightly around the city for the fifth time congress to determine the objectives of the task, better play a role of supervision and security implementation, promote the development of perfect, to the party to build a clean government and anti-corruption work to meet the party’s two big victory new performance.