Simple and incisive good night sayings, beautiful into the heart, quiet beautiful

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When the world is getting worse and worse, I only hope you can get better and better.Go the wrong way may be bad luck, but always jump into a pit is silly.Feelings of the world, rather than crying and demanding, as with a smile free and easy.Can meet a person who can accompany you to go crazy at any time, it must be lucky.You desperately to make money look very embarrassed, but you seriously look really beautiful.Don’t wait for the person who shouldn’t wait, don’t hurt the heart.Life is not bad wind and rain, don’t increase sorrow for their own acts.Know how to do yourself, more important than sensible.The so-called threshold, ability enough is the door, ability is not enough.Stand how much grievance, you can do how much.Don’t always complain, secretly try to practice good skills, and then jump out of the circle.The reason why there are always people bullying you, in fact, is because you bully.Don’t stay up late, who has no story in his heart, but learned to control.Encounter unhappy things, also want to see if there is anyone around, there is to climb up, there is no cry.Don’t deceive others, because you can deceive people, are those who believe you.The most regrettable thing in life is to live up to the ideal of childhood.Don’t foolishly expose their weaknesses, to express your trust in others.You don’t need to please anyone, if you are strong, the person you like will automatically come over.Everyone is tired, you always have to spend the survival period, to talk about life and dream.Every warm and indifferent now, there is a sad and uneasy once.