Learn to be an audience

2022-05-12 0 By

When I was a child to see a play, is to watch and join in the fun, because fundamentally do not understand, like to run before running after, especially like to run upstairs, standing in the side of the stage upper, see actors go in at will and come out of the poker-faced.When I grow up, I realize that the stage is not just a place for performing on holidays, but everywhere. The class is the stage, the workplace is the stage, and life is also the stage. Everyone is an actor on the stage, and sometimes even the leading role.Here the main workplace, want to become the workplace of the stage below the audience.Workplace this stage, if the play is a comedy, hello I good everybody is good, is welcome, but it’s even comedy set there will be some conflicts, but the final result is happy, but the result in the workplace can be periodically, so big a camp, notable people, different people at different stages, the situation is different,This is only for the current stage, want to be the stage below the audience.Have worked as a leading role, from the front ground in the debate both sides tetragonal (as befits said, everyone thinks he is right) ZhuBian, as some things come to an end and after wake up, hard finally decided when the crowd, when a leisurely audience, if you can, like when I was a child, to choose a high can see behind the scenes.Everyone thinks he’s right, while others have innumerable the kind of not, think of the sentence “criticism and self-criticism”, criticism is always very easy, self-criticism, really difficult, so “criticism” in the former, “self-criticism”, in terms of “criticism”, and it is easy to talk behind points out that it is difficult to face to face, more often, is to talk and talk,The purpose of the discussion is not to “cure the illness and save the person”, and sometimes even afraid that the person being discussed will correct his mistake, because he is afraid of losing the topic of discussion, and thus losing the pleasure of talking behind him. For example, a person who is often late for work is suddenly not late.Down from the stage and spun off from the rest of the whirlpool, out of the can should be the “outsider”, if lucky enough to be out from the conflicts of interest, it can be behind those of face to face with the parties to listen to, saying is one thing, of course, I can accept is another thing, how long can accept it is another matter, after treatment,Whether can save also depends on whether the rescued person can save.Opinion said with the parties to listen to, it’s about time and skills, on the thought of the “gray jujube”, is the sort of air drying on the tree, in the trees and strike were stained with a lot of dust on the ground, not wash them sell red jujube, friends love, gave me some last year, its stunt is “the original is the best food, washing is the most comfortable”.A “wash assured” for the business to save their own N, N more cleaning costs and manpower, and then say a sentence, the date is really not lazy, just because they want to wash, so consumption is very slow, this and today’s topic has nothing to do, so stop.In fact, as long as the heart, always can find similar reasons, such as the full street roast beef, their own money to eat their own hands, happy, businesses are saving a lot of barbecue labor costs.So if you want to make others happy, you have to make them feel like it’s for their own good.When the audience can comment, can also just look not to say, can be in the highlight of the clap, can also silently shake his head, in short, from now on choose to be the audience.