Jinan Housing and Construction Bureau: something to report, nothing to report Ping an reporters on the spot to visit the construction site

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On April 6, the Information Office of Jinan Municipal Government held the 50th press conference on THE prevention and control of COVID-19 in Jinan.At jinan of housing and urban-rural construction bureau party member and deputy director of the Wu Zhaojun said, jinan live built bureau has required the strict implementation of the “closed” construction site management, odd jobs must not enter the arena, the other workers is really necessary to enter, to the quality and safety supervision, inspection and reported to the nucleic acid testing report and stroke code check 24 hours rear can enter the construction site.Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes.Lightning news reporter understands from jinan urban construction group sixth branch, for full implementation will be coronavirus prevention and control measures, scientific and orderly ready to return to work and production epidemic prevention and control work, the requirements stated in the project under construction for its affiliate training, publicity, special inspection, such as deployment requirements related to epidemic prevention, epidemic situation and ensure that the project site safety production steady.Lightning News reporters learned that the company required all projects to organize special safety education and training for epidemic prevention and control, and formulate emergency plans and regular work plans for epidemic prevention and control in accordance with relevant requirements of joint prevention and control.Each project under construction will create a good epidemic prevention and control atmosphere by making publicity boards, hanging banners and other forms, and Posting epidemic prevention and control publicity and education pictures and popularization materials in conspicuous places on site.They also set up a disease prevention and control special inspection team, according to the group requirements, unified requirements each personnel of full-time epidemic prevention project under construction, special inspection of the epidemic prevention and control of project under construction on a regular basis, according to all kinds of epidemic prevention and control requirements, the construction project to build a present personnel a, sign on epidemic prevention and control responsibility and undertaking,All kinds of epidemic prevention and control regulations for ongoing projects are required to be publicized on the wall to ensure the normalization of epidemic prevention and control.Up to now, There are 1,900 housing construction projects under construction in Jinan, with more than 270,000 people on the construction site.For jinan construction engineering construction project number, characteristics of mobility, jinan live built bureau has issued notice, from each district and county of quality and safety supervision institutions to earthly epidemic prevention departments provide jurisdiction within building project list, project number and contacts, epidemic prevention and control in each district and county of cooperate with headquarters in the area under its jurisdiction all construction work carried out at least once a week the nucleic acid samples,Ensure full coverage, no dead Angle, no leakage.The jinan Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development also requires construction sites to strictly implement “closed” management, and odd workers are not allowed to enter the site. If other workers really need to enter the construction site, they should report to the quality and safety supervision agency and check the 24-hour nucleic acid test report and travel code before entering the construction site.Wu said the bureau also required construction sites to set up a special transition zone for materials to enter the construction site after completing epidemic prevention and elimination. Delivery drivers, unloading personnel and other outsiders must hold nucleic acid test reports within 24 hours.Reporters on the scene saw that the company implemented zoning control of the project, and set up location codes for living areas, site sites and material processing plants.The construction site enclosure is complete, the implementation of fully closed management, in the entrance and exit set access control system and arrange special personnel on duty, the office area, the living area of the entrance and exit set separately, operating personnel “two points one line”, is strictly prohibited to go out without permission, strictly prevent foreign personnel to enter.At the same time, the reporter noticed that they also set up a special person on the scene every day to the living area, office area, dormitory area for disinfection, and increase the frequency of disinfection of entrances and exits.The management requires each project under construction to reserve epidemic prevention materials and prepare a ledger for purchase and distribution according to the number of personnel present.Separate isolation rooms shall be set up in the project department and labor personnel dormitory, and the isolation room shall be kept at a certain distance from the dormitory, and corresponding facilities and materials shall be equipped according to relevant requirements.At the same time, the construction sites also strengthen canteen management, cancel in-room meals, take time-sharing measures to reduce the gathering of dining personnel;”Location code” will be set up at entrances and exits, and automatic registration and health information verification of personnel entering and leaving construction sites will be strengthened to ensure the “entry barrier”.Since April 5, the Housing and Construction Bureau of Jinan has implemented a “zero reporting” mechanism, requiring construction sites to report the epidemic prevention and control situation to local quality and safety supervision agencies by 15:00 PM every day to ensure that effective measures are taken in a timely manner once problems are discovered.Flash news reporter Hao Aiyin Wang Shuwei reports