Jilin City xishan Xianglu Phase ii subcontractor demolition of load-bearing wall

2022-05-12 0 By

According to the owner of this small area introduction, this problem reflects more than 1 month, from 12345, live to community, area build branch, what get is area live build to want household to undertake building safety appraisal by oneself, enforce the law to the spot again.The Party Committee and the district government replied: After investigation, due to proper blocking of the streets and properties under the jurisdiction, the network has not been seriously demolished or modified. At present, the demolition or modification has been stopped.The staff of the Housing bureau of The Boating Area visited the site and found that the location of the stairs on the second floor of the house had been changed without any other demolition or alteration.The owner has been ordered to restore the property immediately.At present, the box has been installed in the demolished and changed position, and the restoration is under way. Due to weather reasons, there is no construction condition for health preservation of the restoration part, and the restoration will continue when the conditions are met.The Housing Authority will continue to follow up the rehabilitation process.