Good news!Li Bingfang, retired soldier from Yun ‘an District, named on national Honor Roll

2022-05-12 0 By

On January 27, the People’s Daily announced that Li Bingfang, a retired soldier from Yun ‘an District, was listed on the “2021 National Veterans’ Entrepreneurial Honor List”.”National veterans venture honor roll” was organized by department of veterans affairs, the selection in technical innovation, production tax, patriotic, support and serve the society with honours in the local and even the whole country have a positive social impact, give play to the role of employment absorption enterprises actively, aims to give full play to the excellent example of veterans entrepreneurs take the lead role,We will encourage ex-servicemen to create jobs by starting their own businesses.The selection of a total of 60 outstanding entrepreneurs from all over the country retired soldiers selected.Li Bingfang, born in 1975, is a native of Beiling Village, Zhen ‘an Town.He joined the army in 1995 and was discharged in 2000.Five years of army life, not only made him a clang of iron, but also honed his perseverance and rigorous habit of doing things, it is the military career endowed with the spirit and tenacity, supporting him to lead the villagers to the road of well-off.In 2000, Li bingfang returned to Yunfu after being discharged from the army. The backward production and life of the villagers in his hometown inspired him to return to his hometown to start his own business and do practical things for his hometown.In 2016, Li decided to return to his hometown to open a comprehensive farm and organize the village’s poor households to grow asparagus and wolfberry vegetables.Through his constant exploration and practice, he soon mastered these farming techniques and shared them with his fellow villagers free of charge.In addition, he also made use of his original relationship in the chain store work, take the initiative to find buyers, get through the sale of agricultural products.In 2017, the asparagus and wolfberry vegetables planted by farmers increased their income by more than 400,000 yuan, which was highly praised and recognized by the public.With the continuous expansion of business scale, Li bingfang’s comprehensive farm all over Duyang, Baishi, Shicheng, Fulin and other places, in Zhongshan and Guangxi Wuzhou also have his partners.Under his guidance, more than 200 farmers and 60 veterans have joined him in farming and raising, greatly facilitating local employment and leading local farmers on a path of increasing their incomes and making them richer.Source: Yun ‘an District Veterans Affairs Bureau