Each: Real Madrid Barcelona are to sell some of their shares and bring in a new partner to boost the club’s revenues

2022-05-12 0 By

There has been more than one talk of Barcelona and Real Madrid’s difficulties in maintaining members-only clubs, according to Daily Sport.As they compete with billionaires or government-controlled teams, both clubs are looking for better opportunities to profit.Real Madrid and Barcelona could each get a new partner, although there are big doubts about the idea of following the Bayern model.Bayern controls all of the club’s operations, with the football business being conducted in a commercial company in which bayern owns 75 percent, with the rest in the hands of Audi, Allianz and Adidas.The barca board, led by Ms Laporta, is working to bring in new partners to the club, which has a separate company and its own retail structure, and is looking to hire an external partner to speed up the business.This is also the vision of former president Bartomeu.Real Madrid is clearer, almost ready to sell a 20 per cent stake and will mandate the management of the entire Bernabeu stadium in return for €400m, while Barcelona may seek to do the same.”Related: ABC: Real Madrid, Barcelona are studying the possibility of part-privatising the club (Eagle)