Chinese supermodel MAO Xiaoxing has graced the cover of South Korean VOGUE

2022-05-12 0 By

Chinese model MAO Xiaoxing is one of six emerging Asian supermodels featured on the cover of The March issue of VOGUE Korea released today.As another international female model in The Chinese fashion circle, MAO Xiaoxing, who will be 24 years old this year, is in the year of the Tiger. Red Star Gao Zhao unlocked the cover of VOGUE for the first time and became the cover female model of The Korean edition of VOGUE.In fact, MAO Xiaoxing has been quite famous in The model circle, she has been The authoritative model list “MDC” as a Hot female model, into The Hot Lists.MAO Xiaoxing also has a lot of fashion achievements, as a model she often cooperate with the international top brands, won LOUIS VUITTON autumn and winter ready-to-wear series, holiday series, jewelry series, handbag series and PRADA holiday series advertising campaigns.She is also a female model in fashion campaigns for CHANEL, Rihanna’s personal brand FENTY, DIOR, VERSACE and other fashion brands.Because of her hard work, her workload is so heavy that she is so popular in the luxury industry that we see her every time we open a fashion magazine.At the same time, she has also appeared on the runway of Louis Vuitton, Max Mara, Paco Rabanne and other fashion brands, becoming a new dark horse of the fashion show.MAO Xiaoxing has a perfect figure, beautiful appearance, she is the supermodel in my heart!Not bad for a 24-year-old, but I wonder if she has any plans to move to New York.Because every time I see the name MAO Xiaoxing, I will think of a classic line: “Have you ever been to New York City?”Have you ever been to New York?