Still wearing tights at the age of 38, Garfield initially thought a comeback was a silly idea

2022-05-11 0 By

Andrew Garfield played Spider-Man in the 2012 and 2014 “The Amazing Spider-Man” movies.Unfortunately, there is no third film in the series, and Garfield seems to have had little to do with Spider-Man since Extraordinary 2.But happily, he’s back in Spider-man: Homecoming, and the Three Worms are back together.During an appearance on the NORTON Show, Garfield talked about what it was like to reprise his role as Peter Parker in No Return.”It’s cool, yeah.I mean, you know, I’m done with Spider-Man, and I’m too old to do it now.But they invited me back, and that was the sweetest thing.And Tom Holland was the best, so I became a fan again.”Garfield goes on to say that if Toby is involved, he has to do it.”They begged me to come back and Toby came back and I……If Toby is involved, I have to do…..””He’s my Spider-Man.I used to practice his lines in the mirror when I was in drama school.”When asked if he felt it was risky to return to the role, Garfield initially thought it was silly.”It’s a stupid idea…It’s a very scary endeavor, especially when it comes to uniforms.Thirty-eight-year-old men in spandex.”Still, it’s easy to see how much Garfield loves Spider-Man.Spider-man: Homecoming will be available digitally on March 22.