“Spread Zhang Jie Xie Na purchase jump single” hot search real estate agent high cost into a ridicule hot spot?

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The New Year will be over, Xie Na Zhang Jie couple on the weibo hot search top list one day.On the morning of February 8, “Rumor that Xie Na and his wife will be prosecuted for jumping to buy a house” was posted on a popular search page as soon as migrant workers opened their eyes in the morning.Even the hot events such as “Xuzhou released the latest investigation progress of Feng County one week after another”, “gifted girl Gu Ailing completed the world’s most difficult movement to win the gold medal” and “men’s figure skating ‘fairy fight'” failed to disperse its heat, with the reading volume reaching 480 million.Comment area while Shouting “is a couple can do it, not an accident” while using this excuse to ridicule the unreasonable intermediary fees.In the afternoon, you sing and I come on stage.Zhang Jie, Xie Na simply, a direct reply to a lawyer statement, said to take the judicial process.With the lawyer’s statement, the couple’s fans seemed to take the lead in public opinion: “Please tell me.(Laughter) “I don’t know what to say.”Defamation, invasion of privacy, submission to the judicial process.”Supporters of both sides played chess.According to the morning news, the parties claimed that the intermediary, Zhang Jie, Xie Na couple to find its house and talk about the price, after falsely said not to buy, privately find the landlord directly signed a deal, saving the intermediary fees to pay him.After the client found out, the Couple threatened him through their lawyer, saying their exposure would be a criminal offence.The client then went abroad to study.This exposure is afraid that she will die soon because she is infected with THE NOVEL coronavirus and will have no chance in the future. At the same time, she no longer worries about other consequences, so she chooses to entrust a friend to post.It’s hard to draw a conclusion on the case itself with just a single complaint and a few screenshots of Shayna’s house viewing and chat. After all, even the first word in a hot search was “chuan.”In the hot attention behind, Zhang Jie, Xie Na’s fame and ambiguous “evidence” although played a “drug lead” role, but the news behind the net user’s point of view is focused on the real estate agency fee is not reasonable, high is not high.In popular comments, some netizens questioned the agency fee and its collection standard.”To be honest, the intermediary fee is too expensive, and disguised pushed up the house price, the individual feels the intermediary fee should not be charged with clinching a deal.””The individual feels to do a matter to intermediary fee ok, but like buy a house this kind of intermediary service again have no actual content to collect a sky-high price unreasonable.””Why pay a broker fee to find a homeowner on merit?”To this, some netizens launched a sharp response.”The comment said that the intermediary fee is too expensive, you can not find an intermediary to take a look, their own room to find a source, contact the landlord, do not let the intermediary help you do all the buying and selling procedures, all their own, enjoy the service turned back to suspect that your jump single is smelly rascals.”What is the agency fee?What’s the use of an intermediary?Opinions on this incident are also related to China’s not unified intermediary fee collection rules.The intermediary fee only exists in the housing and second-hand housing transaction, and there is no intermediary fee in the new house transaction.The event in the Zhang Jie Xie Na couple purchase the intermediary fees payable is second-hand housing transaction intermediary fees.Homelink Shanghai a real estate sales staff Ms Cheng said that the current Shanghai second-hand housing intermediary costs are generally consistent in all regions, are the final property transaction price of 1%-2%, “the general situation is that the buyer pays 1%, the seller pays 1%.”Beijing is also a first-tier city intermediary commission charge higher.Li Xiansheng, a real estate consultant at Lianjia, said that Beijing Lianjia charges a total of 2.2 percent service fee, 0.5 percent security service fee and 2.7 percent intermediary fee, all paid by buyers.I love my family Beijing group property consultant Mr. CAI said, Beijing area chain home intermediary fees can talk about 2.55%, I love my family intermediary fees can talk about 2.16%.A real estate practitioner in Shenzhen pointed out that the commission of lianjia and Deyou in Shenzhen is between 1.5% and 3%, while that of Le Youjia and Zhongyuan is around 1%.In addition, there are also industry insiders said that non-well-known small intermediary commission will be lower.According to the Shanghai second-hand housing agency cost provided by Ms. Cheng, if Xie Na and his wife do have a purchase jump behavior, the actual jump agency cost is about 600,000 yuan.Although Zhang Jie Xie Na is not short of money, but the intermediary fee of 600,000 yuan is not a small amount.To judge whether intermediary fees are worth it, it is important to understand what intermediaries can do.According to the provisions of the relevant intermediary should provide right of cadastral survey (housing and the holder of the background survey), the use of survey (internal use of housing and property survey), the market survey (buying and selling prices and buyers and sellers psychological price comparison investigation etc.), clinch a deal at the same time should also determine the intent, accompanied by trading contract, help to handle the property transfer, etc.According to the previous intermediary pointed out in the exposure of the price of the final discourse speculation, the real estate agent in the service, is likely to have completed the right to register survey, use survey, market survey, also determined the two sides of the transaction intention, determined the transaction price.The signing of the transaction contract and transfer of property rights are completed by The couple themselves.Do they offer the same services at different fees?Is the 1%-2% brokerage fee worth it?Then according to the price transaction amount 1%-2% charge intermediary fees, intermediary services will be different because of the price of high and low?The answer is probably no.There is not much difference in the nature of the services offered by estate agents.This leads to a problem: the service offered to the buyer for a $10 million villa or a $1 million house is about the same, but the agent’s fees vary tenfold based on the final transaction price of the property.Since this is the case, then according to the house price transaction amount 1%-2% charge intermediary fees is reasonable?Does a person of extraordinary powers curatorial intermediary fee exist fictitious high problem?Yan Yuejin, research director of e-House Think Tank Center, said similar issues have been discussed in the past.”Because some home buyers think that similar intermediary services are similar, why do luxury homes charge more, and people complain about the phenomenon of inflated intermediary fees.”He believes that there should be room for moderate adjustment of intermediary fees, but on this basis, jumping orders should not appear.”Of course, there is room for consultation on the intermediary fee, but if the basis of consultation jump single that can not be said.As for from the perspective of the industry, luxury intermediary fees up to a million to the phenomenon, the follow-up can also be adjusted, similar to the ‘fixed intermediary fees + part of the floating intermediary fees’ model.”Did Zhang Jie Xena jump?Will jumping be punished?So Zhang Jie Xie Na did jump single?For jump single response, Zhang Jie Xie Na can be said to be unyielding, afternoon directly threw out a lawyer’s letter, indicated the position, but also instantly reversed the direction of public opinion.Although it is still difficult to make a final conclusion about whether The Couple has jumping behavior at present, it is certain that intermediary fees are protected by law, and jumping behavior is not legal.Article 965 of the Civil Code stipulates that if a client, after receiving the services of an intermediary, takes advantage of the transaction opportunities or media services provided by the intermediary to bypass the intermediary and directly conclude a contract, it shall pay remuneration to the intermediary.”Before the Civil Code and the civil Code, there has always been a very uniform view in the judicial system that a single person should be held liable.The punishment, however, is an act of extreme ‘bad faith.’ Call it hopping, not [skipping a particular intermediary is’ bad faith ‘].”Real estate lawyer Liu Hui believes that whether this incident constitutes a single jump still remains to be discussed.Liu Hui believes that the core standard of “dishonesty” is subjectively whether there is “the purpose of saving the intermediary fee”.Liu Hui at the same time, in the previous day “real estate in-depth report” in the report of industry insiders said Zhang Jie Xie Na is through other intermediary transactions of this property, and did not omit the intermediary fees.”So, the truth is: the intermediary industry internal competition is not sufficient, no rules formed, resulting in the intermediary industry volume, which can not let consumers pay the bill!”Liu Hui said that if Zhang Jie and Xie Na bought the house through other agencies, and paid a “reasonable” commission in line with the general market level, and Xie Na and Zhang Jie did not sign a Commission confirmation letter or an intermediary agreement with H agency, and did not confirm the standard of commission, it is not a jump order.Mr Yan has a similar view.He thinks that whether it is a single jump at this time has not been clearly determined, but some of the larger jump behavior, especially the jump behavior of the mansion is really more, but also easy to be concerned.”During the two years of the epidemic, the real estate market in first-tier cities, especially markets like Shanghai, saw a significant increase in luxury housing transactions.And this kind of mansion, belong to the nature of old houses, the price is not cheap, the relevant intermediary fee or commission fee will be relatively high.”Although the dispute between Xie na and His wife and H intermediary is still continuing, the public discussion has basically returned to rational, and the truth of the matter needs time to test.