Outrageous!A man in the United States stole a car and was then hit by a train

2022-05-11 0 By

A Florida resident heard a loud bang while sleeping.He woke up to find that a car had crashed into his house after colliding with a train.The resident was unhurt, but the loud explosion left him traumatized.Police in the US state of Florida later arrested a 38-year-old man.He said he had stolen the car “out of good faith” in order to “get my car back”.But then he got his stolen vehicle stuck on the rail of a train.In the Nick of time, he jumped out of the car.The train then collided with the car.The flying car crashed into a house not far away.When police found the man, he was at a fruit stand not far from the crash site, trying to steal a forklift in a destructive way.After asking police to inform him that he was “still looking for his vehicle,” he finally gave up.The man now faces charges of theft and destruction of finances and will pay additional damages.”I don’t know how to explain this case,” the police officer told reporters. “I don’t even know how you headline this story, but I promise it’s worth reading.”Under the report, netizens have also said that they did not expect this year’s “sand Carving News” to start so early, just in February ushered in the top five, or at least top ten content.”So this guy stole a car.It was arranged in the most suitable place so that it could fly into someone’s house if it collided with a train.It’s genius.So did you find his car?””I guess he was busy calculating time and angles, otherwise he would have found his car long ago.”