Guardian | Ordinary people vs Blue friends of the New Year ritual sense

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Old and new, family reunion visit relatives and friends, contact friendship lights, happy “people’s watchman” also have a different Spring Festival, stay up has a kind of happiness called reunion Spring Festival Gala is a sign of stay up condensed the family and memory of the People is evolved into the custom of the Chinese New Year every family to greet the New Year bell……At the time of the reunion of the firemen in office because of love, so choose because of choice, so stick to one person stick to the peace of the country taste of a warm family called the reunion dinner sitting, lights amiable together around the table and eat a toast to stop is full of human fireworks gas drink freely, New Year can……A family reunion dinner, a homesick fire and rescue station have taken out the unique skills of their hometown mix stuffing, dumplings between brothers filar silk friendship into a string of missing their relatives……The activity has a happy ritual feeling called set fu set fu let everyone’s enthusiasm to participate in it, the smell of the full Blessing of the New Year is becoming more and more rich……This happy moment always some people 24 hours to stick to the front line of alarm command “platoon”……Wish there is a kind of happiness called reunion in the New Year BELIEVE that everyone will have a New Year’s wish in the heart of your new wish: see everyone’s wish list in the moments of friends……Blue friend’s desire fire a little less, a little less police, peace more measure the city’s square inch and trivial guard the lights……I wish you all a happy Spring Festival around the New Year, the Year of the Tiger!Implement safety responsibilities and guard against safety risks