Zhangcun Town, Weihai City: A new bureau opened in the New Year, fighting for a “good start”

2022-05-10 0 By

Spring comes early, forge ahead at the right time.On the seventh day of the first month, the flavor of the New Year has not dispersed, many enterprises in Zhangcun town have started production with full vigor, the workshop is full of production scenes, surging with the starting speed, the beginning of the passion.Walking into the production workshop of Weihai Chemical Machinery Co., LTD., I saw the crane running in order, welding splashes, machines roaring, all kinds of reaction kettle, tower and equipment with flange parts under the skilled operation of workers to speed up production, everywhere can be seen busy production scene.”We are the 7th day officially return to work now reopened rate over 80%, resume work on the same day, the company all staff first organized a safety training and examination after the return to work, to ensure the production resume work production safety, and at the beginning of this year, has been respectively and the corporate level, workshop level and team level 3 signed the” safe production target management responsibility of “”.Weihai chemical machinery co., LTD., deputy general manager zhang hong said, because last year’s orders are plentiful, this year’s production task will be more full, to strengthen product quality control and improve production efficiency at the same time, the company will focus on safe production, strictly implement the staff business training, special operations personnel related certificates.Blanking, rolling forming, group matching, welding, heat treatment, water pressure test, test run, sand blasting spray paint……The production of reaction kettle needs to go through fine production technology and several rigorous test processes, the products are used in new materials, fine chemicals, lithium batteries and other industries.According to reports, in order to adapt to the market product structure situation and customer demand, weihai chemical machinery Co., Ltd. set up a special R & D department this year, in-depth development of new products such as stirrers, production value expected target increased by 30% compared with last year.In weigao Orthopedic Implant spinal line workshop, a close layout of intelligent equipment, maximize the efficiency of equipment, equipment under the control of digital program is running at high speed…”At present, all employees have returned to work according to the original plan. We have completed the pre-production spot inspection of the equipment, and will officially start production after the machine is warmed up.”Weigao orthopedic implants spinal line workshop director Lin Qingtao said.It is understood that the factory adopts all intelligent information chemical plant standards, from Japan, Germany, Switzerland to introduce 146 sets of intelligent equipment, ERP, MES and other information management tools, to realize the transformation of digital factory, quality, production and other management data display time.Workshop management integrates lean production theory, comprehensively promotes 5S management, and the automation and digitalization of production line reach the world leading level.And for this year’s work goal, Wei Gao orthopedics has drawn a development “blueprint”.”In the national environment of collective procurement, do the implementation of digital transformation, through the selection and verification of automation equipment, to achieve the transformation from ‘manufacturing’ to ‘intelligent manufacturing’, to achieve the goal of reducing cost and efficiency, improve quality and reduce consumption, in order to improve our core competitiveness.”Lin Qingtao said.At the same time, the relevant departments of Zhangcun town also took early action, combined with the theme of “ask politics, ask needs, ask plans”, doorto speak about policies, send services, and do logistics support for the smooth sprint of enterprises.”On the first day of work, we held a work scheduling meeting to sort out the needs of enterprises in the town in project application, platform building, talent grafting and other aspects, and made a list to accurately meet the needs of enterprises.”Zhang village related person in charge said.