World of Warcraft: A little experience with F4 and Balls

2022-05-10 0 By

Although it is a semi-guild, it is also a newly formed group, and most of them are barbarians Shouting from the gathering stone.1. F4: At the beginning, he wore 4T5 with 100 death belt + Silver Moon gauntlet, Elam cloak + Titan pendant, pocket watch +45 endurance cup. Most of his gems hit, only 2 stones with 12 resistance and helmet with 18 resistance.Full buff1.85W blood or so, anti QS strange blood line is a bit dangerous, flat cut 7K+ and 5K+, and then to a dedication or snowstorm sweep is very easy to pour;Later adjusted, also no longer care about hatred, full buffs 1.95W health, no blood collapse, smooth pass;So this BOSS, personally feel that more blood armor, survival first and then care about other;2. Balls: 1. After carrying the F4 QS monster, it doesn’t hurt any more when balls hit people, basically about 6-7K, which is also a pile of full meat, with 1.95W blood;Jewelry is pocket watch +45 wine glass;2, P1 anger remains at around 50 points – the hand shield often fails to hit, so later it is to block the cut and hit a shield to rush out, before it is heroic/revenge + heroic/destruction;Encountered 2 times (one of them is P3 stage) block not angry open out of the embarrassing situation, fortunately, timely opened the pocket watch, thrilling pass;Hate pull crotch, several remind DPS can not OT;3, P2 will help small fire to break armor, roar thunder and thunder, can’t hit a daze, save anger to roar blood etc, incidentally remind illidan/eye position/dark barrier etc;4, P3 In demon form, run away and remind the group to disperse. When the BOSS is about to change into human form, go forward and prepare to meet him.At the same time, remind DPS to stop, because when the BOSS lies down, the threat is cleared 0, the damage done at this time is accumulated to the next stage – I did not handle this well at the beginning, took over slowly, resulting in 2 DPS were nerfed to death;The perfect way to deal with it is: when the BOSS lies down, he cuts and saves his anger at the side. The BOSS gets up, leaving the anger needed for blocking, and the rest will be hit out as soon as possible.5. In the late stage of fury, because it was a wild group after all, maybe DPS was not enough, there were three times of fury in total, one time was a breach of cauldron, one time was a shield wall, and the other time was a pass by relying on pocket watch, which was quite painful, thanks for the treatment without blood collapse;6, the last is: rub zhi thunder keep, scroll plus, don’t break iron shield;Vegetable chicken water T, know NGA are masters, just from their own to the novice some experience, mistakes or omissions, please teach correct, but do not ridicule contempt, I have a shield.