Wang Baoqiang recent exposure, with his girlfriend late night hot pot hot chat, dressed fashionablly did not see Feng Qing accompanied

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Chinese actor Wang Baoqiang was spotted eating hot pot with his friends late at night on Feb 14.After the meal, Wang baoqiang and his friends walked out of the restaurant.He took the lead and went back to chat with two female friends. He seemed to be in a good mood and had a good time with his friends.But the party was attended by wang baoqiang alone, without his rumored girlfriend Feng Qing.Wang baoqiang has always played a slightly rural role on screen, playing many rural youth roles.But in life, he looks chic in slacks, high boots and a down jacket.His figure, however, was much thinner and a little haggard, but he was in good spirits.A few days ago, Wang Baoqiang also appeared in the ski resort skiing, and kindly with passers-by photo.Dressed in a white ski suit, he looked fine without makeup, a stark contrast to his current figure.He had a round face and a faint double chin, and though he was not tall, he was stocky and looked firm.After his divorce from Ma, Wang was reportedly dating model Feng Qing, who was photographed accompanying him back to his hometown in Hebei Province.A few days ago, it was reported that the two were married and going steady.Although there are often media photos of Wang Baoqiang and Feng Qing in and out, but I did not respond, the current emotional state into a mystery.Wang Baoqiang is the grassroots star that the audience likes very much, sincerely hope he can be better and better in the New Year.In the love life sweet, in the career to bring more good works, continue to like his audience friends to bring endless happiness.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete