This life has you: Shu Qin undercover identity exposure, Sheng Fangting amazing conspiracy exposed, Nie Yusheng was murdered miserably

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In this life have you, ever ShengFang court and ShuQin has not “love” experience, and bonded to each other, except ShuQin NieYuSheng no heart-to-heart friends, but eventually wound deepest NieYuSheng people, in addition to talk about static was determined to leave, is the ShuQin itself as a bosom friend, appears to be Bai Fu ShuQin of beauty, is actually the love of a real brain,Was secretly and abroad ShengFang court together, the day of the deep meaning, because their parents a call end of that year was ShuQin brainwashed ShengFang court, to marry and have children stay in the United States, conservative parents opposed, shu will eventually ShuQin coaxed back home, tore off her passport, so the affection between and ShengFangTing, temporarily ended, now two people fall in love again,Even eyes are intertwined, each further with each other in the home key, ShuQin thinks himself to be a true love, don’t know her now for ShengFangTing, besides is discharge to tools, the rest of the role is a pawn, thanks to side and recognize him on his own, after calculating and ShengFangTing breakup, but ShuQin don’t know is that some of her unintentionally,Already hurt NieYuSheng, after returning the ShengFangTing ShuQin no feelings, not to mention what the pieces, is willing to engage in this relationship, because just know ShuQin and NieYuSheng are friends, so NieYuSheng plans for his revenge, and put the ShuQin coax a rash, ShengFang court as a child,Biggest goal is to replace NieYuSheng position, if not also want to enjoy the ruined his pleasure, so please have many NieYuSheng from secretary of information, but also knew that he had the feeling trapped, received three years in psychotherapy, it has become an important chip, he down NieYuSheng in CEM project, there is a small patient died on the operating table,ShengFangTing immediately is a wave of speculation, on the dead children, and then strike while the iron is hot, the NieYuSheng received psychotherapy information posted on the Internet, the families have doubt NieYuSheng professional ability, drove him to finally had to quit his job, desire to completely satisfy the ShengFangTing revenge, until I lost my job NieYuSheng didn’t know who hurt him,Even if killed also can’t think of the real push hand is his confidant Shu Qin, although it is not intentional, it is completely used, betrayed Nie Yusheng not to say, but also lost their own body and energy, is really a sad person, how do we look at Nie Yusheng?Welcome to the comments section to discuss, thank you for reading, to my support for the article is not easy, thank you for your praise and encouragement, we will see you next time