【 Spring Festival culture 】 Spring Festival customs are very different in different places, what do you know?

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The Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival of the Chinese nation.During the Spring Festival, China’s Han nationality and many ethnic minorities will hold various activities to celebrate.These activities are to worship gods and Buddhas, ancestor worship, wipe out the old cloth new, welcome Jubilee then blessing, pray for a good harvest as the main content.Next, I will take you to check the customs of the Chinese New Year!In addition to the indispensable temple fair, the Spring Festival in northern China has many unique customs.Kneading oil lamps: In kelan County, northwest Shanxi Province, people lit oil lamps on several nights from the 10th day of the first lunar month to the 2nd day of February.LAN county people pinch lamp, is to pinch with the surface, the surface, buckwheat, cake noodles several kinds.Knead buckwheat lamp, knead to take shape after steaming in a steamer;Cake noodles, or soft yellow rice noodles, are made into steamed plain cakes before being kneaded into the shape of lanterns.Some people also use corn flour, buckwheat flour lamp.Made of white flour is called “silver lamp”, made of corn flour is called “gold lamp”, made of buckwheat flour is called “iron lamp”.Spring pennant: In Nanyang Zhenping area, rural women practice on the start of spring daily color silk cut “spring chicken”, “spring swallow”, “spring flowers”, “spring willow”, affixing on the arms of children, men left and women right, thought the start of spring symbol.Running bamboo horse: This form of folk art performance is popular all over Shanxi Province.This kind of activity content, through the verification of relevant data, has at least 600 years of history, is popular in shanxi rural and urban folk activities, generally on the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival “red fire” activities in the square or streets.The Spring Festival tradition in northwest China has a bold spirit.Longxian shehuo: is the festival to welcome god will play the miscellaneous play juggling.The origin of “She Huo” is in the activities of offering sacrifices to the earth god gu God, and gradually added other miscellaneous entertainment activities of “Bai Xi” square.At first, it was one of the sacrificial ways for the folk to chase good luck and avoid bad luck. Later, it gradually evolved into an entertainment activity to welcome the Spring Festival and celebrate the New Year.Send child lights: referred to as “send lights”, also known as “send lanterns”, that is, before the Lantern Festival, home to send lanterns to the newly married daughter home, or general relatives and friends to the newly married sterile home, in order to tiding bodes well, because “lamp” and “ding” homophonic.This custom has many places, Shaanxi Xi ‘an area is the first month eight to 15 period to send lights, the first year to send a pair of palace lanterns, a pair of colored glass lights, I hope my daughter married lucky star, early born linzi;If the daughter is pregnant, in addition to the big palace lanterns, but also send one or two pairs of small lanterns, wish her a safe pregnancy.All taboos in the Chinese New Year are broken after today. Production begins to be normal and the gun is fired in the morning to celebrate. However, this day is also the most taboo day.Today is also the last day of the Chinese New Year to worship incense for god, morning, afternoon, evening every time to fire guns.As the birthplace of the Chinese nation, the Central Plains region has retained a large number of traditional folk customs.2. Retting cypress: In western Henan, the first thing to get up on the first day of the first lunar month is to light the cypress sticks piled up in the courtyard with wheat bran or millet grass on New Year’s Eve, commonly known as “retting cypress sticks”.When ou cypress branch some family adults and children to cross from the cypress fire, called cross flourishing fire.Some even hang a lantern in the courtyard, called.Sky lanterns.It is said that hanging skylight, retting bai zhi, cross flourishing fire can.Suppress evil, especially to prevent evil.Winter pestle rice: a folk custom of the Han Nationality.Popular in Anhui and county, Hanshan and other places.Every year, the third fifth day after the winter solstice falls on the sixth or seventh day of the twelfth lunar month, which is called “La Mi Gong Day” by folk.On this day, water is collected and polished rice is carried into the warehouse.Winter pestle rice is stored on top of yellow rice.Firing a cannon: the old custom of the Han people.It is popular in she County, Anhui Province.On the second day of the first lunar month, all men of each clan gather in the ancestral hall and are issued firecrackers by the chief magistrate or representative, usually three for each person.Every man who has a son, each person added a small firecrackers ten hang, a hang 100, take 100 auspicious meaning;Childless man in the ancestral tablet ancestral temple under the burning incense son.Folk believe that this day is the best day to seek children.In places where ethnic minorities gather, Spring Festival customs also have many ethnic characteristics.New Year’s Eve offering tree: spread in Sichuan Province Yue Chi County area.Every Year on New Year’s Eve, each meal on the table, first worship god for ancestors, then take a little out of each meal, cut fine and evenly, by the parents with a plate or small dustpan end to the largest and best tree before the offering tree.In this way, it is said, the fruit trees will flourish in the coming year, bringing in money.After offering sacrifices to the tree, the whole family eats the reunion dinner around the table.Stealing vegetables Festival: it is popular in Huangping area of Guizhou Province Miao people stealing vegetables festival custom, held in the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first lunar month.Festival this day, the girls will be in groups to steal other people’s dishes, it is strictly prohibited to steal the family, also can’t steal the opposite sex friends home, because stealing vegetables and their marriage event.The stolen vegetables are limited to cabbage, enough for everyone to eat a meal.Stealing vegetables is not afraid of being found, the stolen people do not blame.We gather the stolen vegetables together and make a cabbage feast.It is said that who eats the most, who can get the right people early, at the same time the strongest silkworm, spit out the best silk is also the most.Take new water: also called pick smart water, pick new water, pick good water.Spread in the west of Guangxi area.In the early morning of the first day of the New Year, every family’s new wife or big girl, carrying a bucket, holding three pillars of incense, singing, to the river or spring, plug in the incense, with red paper wrapped good money for profit into the water, pick up the first load of new water in the New Year.Whether shoving OARS, or lantern dragon dance, are showing the sweet atmosphere of jiangnan water town.Point year lamp: han festival old custom, popular in jiangnan part of the region.New Year’s Eve or the first to the fifth day of the first lunar month.During this period, the night in the bedroom all night burning lamp, called “old lamp”.Generally in the house column foot, under the bed, under the table, under the stove light.Multi-purpose carrot cut into a dish, plug in small candles, also useful pottery oil light, is a kind of New Year’s Eve shousui activities, but also stick couplets, firecrackers, singing songs, drink points at the age of wine, eat rice.Pick up qinglong: han folk when old customs.Popular in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.Every year on the 12th day of the first lunar month, all the dragon lanterns gather at the Dragon King Temple in Wushan to hang red eyes, which is called “Dragon Lanterns open light”.The warm south gives the winter Spring Festival many characteristics of summer.New Year wine: old yao festival custom.Popular in Guangxi Guanyang County.In the 12th lunar month, each family gives two jin of rice to the headman to make wine.On the first day of the first month, then pay half catty pork, tofu two pieces, a garlic sprout, send a man to attend the reception, known as “eat New Year wine”.Presided over by the head man.The old year added population of the family, holding children, with a pot of wine, two pieces of tofu, a piece of pork, to pay New Year’s greetings.In the future, the children will have a share in the village.Hanging monkey: popular in Taiwan han folk custom.With cloth tied into monkey shape or red cloth sewn into monkey shape pattern and sew broom figure in the four corners, during the Spring Festival, as ornaments hanging under the eaves.Because “sew monkey” and “feng Hou” homonym, in order to auspicious.Source: Communist Party official account Supervisor: Ma Jiyu Editor: Zhang Yajiao editor: Li Tai