It is every child’s nature to need attention from others all the time

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It’s human nature to need someone’s attention all the time.At the beginning of life, this trait was necessary for human survival.For us, especially as children, the most hurtful thing in the world is being surrounded by people who don’t even know they’re there.It is better to irritate than to be neglected, especially for children who are extremely neglected.In this way, although the parents believe that use such harsh words and criticism, is to punish the child, but it is not the case, in fact, parents’ interference is not contain the child’s bad behavior, it will urged him to deteriorate further, because the child learn inevitably makes parents pay attention to is the only way to make similar mistakes.Instead of catching children when they are doing well, teachers spend a lot of time catching children when they are not.As a result, the teacher focuses on bad behavior and reinforces it, while the good behavior that the child happens to have is not reinforced.As a result, children gradually develop a behavior pattern that runs counter to the standards and values of school education.(page 29 to 30) The above paragraph is excerpted from Classroom Management Skills (written by F. David, UK) by Nie Fengfeng, East China Normal University Press, first edition, 2002.