In state-owned enterprises, in the face of helplessness and grievance, we must learn to self-regulate and rely on strength to speak

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First, in the state-owned enterprise, very helpless 10 phenomena: 1, the more things to do, the lower the position, the lower the salary.Nothing to do, not be promoted, is praised.The more capable, the more the leader does not promote.The more love sycophancy, the more the leadership when confidant.The more people work, the more do not finish work.The more people will refuse, the more easy to dawdle.The more kind and talkative, the easier to be bullied.The more dare to bear, the more to carry the pot.The more you can push, the more you won’t make mistakes.The more will be touted, the more liked by the leadership.That’s the reality.Human nature is that when you’re soft, he’s hard.Human nature is you good, he is evil.Human nature is that if you are diligent, he is lazy.No one can say who is right and who is wrong.In state-owned enterprises, we should have suffered a lot of grievances in our work.Xiaobian summarizes 17 years of state-owned enterprise workplace experience, to share with you.1. Correct the mistakes of leaders and be criticized by leaders.Hard work, by colleagues as their own.Busy, half dead, accused by the leadership of not doing.4, objective judgment work error, marginalized by the leadership.5. Pointing out problems at work and being praised by colleagues.Help colleagues work, and finally became their own thing.7, refused to do the job is not part of the work, falsely accused by colleagues do not do things.Evaluate the leader’s words were taken out of context and repaired by the leader.Not their own responsibility, but became a scapegoat.Have ability, seniority, but the promotion of the people are related to the household.Of course, there are still a lot of grievances, welcome everyone to add in the discussion area, laugh together.3, in the state-owned enterprise, must learn to self-regulation 1, know how to accept the reality, can not change others, change yourself.Understanding ability is not the most critical, there is a relationship with a background is the key.We can’t take other people’s mouths, we can only manage our own.4, focus on their own things, understand the true meaning of “each from sweeping the snow in front of the door, Hugh tube others on the frost”.Human nature is unpredictable, as long as you are a person, there will be others to evaluate you.The workplace is all corners of the country, there will be a struggle where there is interest.The heart can not be without, if you want to survive, learn to protect yourself.Either don’t talk, speak well of you.Rely on others always better than on their own, constantly strong themselves, they have the strength, you can calm in the face of everything.Do a good job, it is better to serve the leadership, to learn to put down face.People in the workplace, must understand: no work is not wronged.In the face of grievance, learn to self-resolve, the courage to accept.If you want to avoid grievance, only continue to strengthen themselves.When you’re a leader, you’ll be surrounded by good people.In state-owned enterprises, everything must be fought for.Don’t believe in “let nature take its course”.You are the company’s go-to guy, but promotions go to connections.What should you do?If all you do is feel sorry for yourself and blame your boss for not being fair, you’re basically screwed.You need to do, face the injustice, face the reality of helplessness, have to actively fight for.If your boss wants you to work, to give, to take responsibility, then you should match the salary accordingly.In the face of the leadership of the “pie”, do not be fooled, to understand the “first villain after the gentleman”.Leaders’ promises are generally useless. It is better to let leaders realize your interests before they need you.Must not be afraid of leadership blame you, do not like you.Leadership is always bullying, you strong he is weak, you occasionally show your edge, let the leadership know that you are not a fool.Remember, the meat that goes into your mouth is your own.This small series is deeply hurt, only warned you: when the leadership must rely on you, to know how to seek their own interests first.Man is expected to live for himself.Of course, the premise is just, reasonable interest.However, profit is also a skill, you have to bide your time.Xiaobian suggest you, usually still want to do a good job, especially those core work, key work, so that the leadership can not leave you.Only you have such core competitiveness, you will have the opportunity to negotiate with leaders, to benefit.Ordinary work done, must know how to cry tired, let the leadership know your pay, understand your not easy.Some talented people, why the heart angry, is because dare not fight, dare not shamelessly for their own interests.Society, will always bully the good people.Survival in state-owned enterprises, do not be too weak, as long as you believe in their ability, even if there is no background is not afraid.Should respect the respect of the leader, should cheer for their own propaganda also do not miss the opportunity.In fact, leaders still like those who have a bit of ability, will be afraid of these capable people from the inside, do not dare to force too much.In fact, people in the workplace, or to have strength.Only with strength can you win the respect of others, and leadership is no exception.More state-owned enterprises dry goods, you can pay attention to @workplace true meaning , most readers think quite harvest.Xiaobian has been in a state-owned enterprise for 17 years, and has experienced 8 changes of the leader.After absorbing the lessons of blood and tears, I summarized the survival and Promotion Skills of the State-owned Enterprise Workplace, with a total of 60 lessons, systematically explaining how to be a person, how to do things, how to survive and promotion, so that you can avoid detours and change your destiny.If you agree, welcome to buy xiaobian column.Currently in the festival discount stage, the original price of 199 yuan, now only 69 yuan, until February 16, 2022, want to buy as soon as possible.There is a huge difference between leading you and crossing the river by yourself.