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A week ago, Qianjiang Evening News, Hour News, started from a party held by the Chinese department of Hangzhou University, telling the big history behind this generation of college students.The “40-year memories of graduation” sent by some of the class of 77 graduates of the Department of Chinese language and Literature, who have become a mainstay in various circles, aroused a lot of emotion.In fact, a total of 2,489 graduates left the campus in January 1982.In the wake of the report, the “Old Hangzhou University” official account launched a collection of memories for 2,489 graduates, asking them to “get together in 40 years.”The hour news, also received the hangzhou university mathematics department 77 shen Jiahong’s story, his body, there are a lot of “first”, that kind of university to give the pioneering spirit, for today’s youth, must also be inspired.Shen Jia-hong is a graduate of Class 77, but I don’t remember exactly when she left school.My classmate Zhang Zhifeng said that the dispatch date was January 20, 1982. I guessed that most of the students should be in 20-23.At that time, China had not entered the WTO, and the 40-hour standard working hour system was not implemented on weekends. Saturday was a working day.24 is xinyou New Year’s Eve, so the graduation ceremony, graduation appraisal, assignment plan, adjustment and supplement of class 77 will be completed before 24.The graduation photo of Shen Jiahong passed Hangzhou Personnel Bureau and Hangzhou Urban Construction Bureau. In March 1982, I went to work in Hangzhou Bus Company (now Bus Group).At that time to report to the organization section, Zhu Weimin asked me: you to the education section good?I said: since to the enterprise, I want to go to the core sector of the economy.In fact, my heart is still to study, but not to take the postgraduate entrance examination, but to study abroad.Studying abroad is a kind of exploration for me.First, information is underdeveloped.At that time, information basically depended on books, newspapers and magazines, correspondence and broadcasting.In-depth information or rely on books, therefore, piracy, photocopying books rampant.The TOEFL materials and mock exams I used were also photocopied.Domestic telephone and telegram are luxuries used in emergencies, but international telephone and telegram cannot be made.What’s the Internet? It’s not even science fiction.I went to zhejiang library to look up the university of The United States information is really a brief introduction.For professional courses and teaching content, I can only rely on imagination to understand, cognitive dislocation is inevitable.Second, economic reasons.I didn’t have an income before I graduated, and after I graduated I earned just enough to live on.At that time, the minimum living standard of the five guarantee households in Hangzhou was said to be 8 yuan per month, and some five guarantee households were split to the actual subsidy of only 3 yuan and 6 yuan.The best cinema in Hangzhou, the Pacific Cinema, has air-conditioned films of only 15 cents. The largest denominatory value of the coin is 10 yuan, but sending a thicker airmail letter to the United States is in yuan.Graduate applications are not handled by a letter from one school.Mail can also be paid in RMB at the international department of the post office.To follow up, you need dollars.The country’s foreign exchange is very tight, private people can not exchange foreign exchange, where do I get foreign exchange indicators and dollars.However, the young man is not afraid of heaven and earth.I found my father’s cousin In Houston, Shen Jingwen, and cheekily asked him to pay the DOLLAR fee for my TOEFL test in Shanghai.I also wrote to the American Consulate in Shanghai to ask for information about my study abroad.But my uncle also told me about the American culture and philosophy that all loans must be paid back.He clearly knows I can’t afford to pay, he still inspired me in thinking and said: what do you use to pay?In fact, his support for me was unpaid.Consul David Hess, CONSULATE General of the United States in Shanghai, sent me the Guide to Study in The United States published by the United States General Administration of Information, which provides an authoritative and comprehensive introduction to study in the United States:From the American education system to college admission procedures, from the food and clothing in the United States to travel in the United States to study in the United States, as well as the United States higher education reference catalogue, preparation for the United States to study steps, study in the United States application form.This is my study abroad literacy and start.The book became part of my collection.When I received offers from three American universities, my dream was blocked by the economy.Buy air ticket one-time dollar can ask a person, living expenses, rent how to do?I was so outnumbered that I finally decided to put it on hold.My uncle died of cholangiocarcinoma, and my desire to study full-time only gave up and became a lifelong regret.In the second half of 1981, AFTER I started to work, I was placed in an important position (planner, deputy manager, director) in the core department (finance Department, office) of Hangzhou Bus Company (now Bus Group) for training.Looking back, the youth without studying abroad was replaced by work.Time fades everything and forgets the reason.Due to the direction and content of the reform of the work very much, workload, work units (dragon bridge) home (ZheYi 2 hospital) only 1500 meters, 3 bus stops (500 m is the shortest in hangzhou station spacing), and I will don’t go home to sleep for five years, worked day and night, tired in the office to bar chair from the conference room for the night.National large second-level enterprises acceptance standards, “100 yuan income salary content package dry” reform attempt, bus no ticket, these three things are hangzhou public transport to create three national first.Among them, “one hundred yuan income wage content package” is not only the whole bus industry, the ministry of construction system, and even the bold innovation of the national wage system reform;Unmanned bus ticket is introduced from abroad, has been used up to now the direction of the business model, involving a lot of system construction, model design, data operation, operation test, summary……Also let me taste the joy of like-minded colleagues.Shen Jiahong’s story was reported at the same time, just like teaching and scientific research, I also left some things to dust during that period of work history: from pure mathematics “The Relationship and Prediction of Passenger Number and ticket Income” to explore the enterprise management “Hangzhou Public Transport” 100 Yuan salary content of the attempt “;From the social science “how to improve urban Public Transport Services”, “Hangzhou bus Tourism concept” to the urban planning “From the number of Hangzhou to improve the necessity of traffic”……From time to time in the 1980s, he published his writings in professional journals of the Ministry of Construction, national magazines and collections of the Academy of Social Sciences.In 1991, according to the characteristics of large cash flow and lack of funds of bus enterprises, the paper put forward “Securities, can they be used for bus enterprises” in advance, exploring the idea of “disintermediation” financing of bus funds and predicting the circulation of cash flow assets.At the beginning, I asked “where is the motivation of bus companies?” Now SOMETIMES I really want to ask myself: where does the motivation come from?In part of the article written by Shen Jiahong, The Times not only gave me the exploration opportunity to participate in the reform and innovation of large state-owned enterprises, but also gave me more choices of challenging work.In May 1994, I joined an investment company in Hong Kong to do investment banking. I introduced overseas capital into the mainland, participated in investment and management of many industrial projects in the economic field, and gained a lot by broadening my horizon and grasping the essence.Subsequently, through five years of real estate work in Shanghai, I witnessed the whole industry development process of China’s real estate industry from domestic sales of real estate, foreign sales of real estate, overseas remittance of real estate, and finally to commercial real estate.My last full-time job was as the first general manager of China’s first “zero-fee” charity hospital in August 2008, and I quit two years later to become a volunteer.In 2011, I was invited to participate in the writing of The Blue Book on the Development of Chinese Women’s Public Welfare and Charity, and the Charity Hospital was included in the Blue Book on the Development of Chinese Women’s Public Welfare and Charity, which made a formal introduction to the world.On June 25, 2013, AS a representative of charity, I attended an award ceremony in Beijing.Shen Jiahong engaged in charity work photos, flash is 40 years, is in and out of the workplace, temples black and white, children and grandchildren.Looking back, as a member of class 77, at the historical turning point of the country’s “reform and opening up”, just like other class friends, participated in many “China first” explorative and pioneering workers in various fields.It is The Times that make us.Level 77, it’s so green, it’s so full.This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. 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