Dogs perform these tasks “before they die,” which is very touching

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Dogs are very intelligent animals, they can anticipate their own death day, dogs before passing away, will complete these tasks, very touching!Task 1: Distributing “relics” Dogs have the habit of hiding food and toys, which is the planning and preparation for the future life of dogs.But when the dog predicts that he is running out of time, he will no longer hide things, and will even put the hidden “baby” in front of his master for his care.This behavior is like distributing “relics,” in the hope that the owner will live well and will miss him through these objects.Finding a Place to Hide Before they die many dogs will find a place to hide as their final destination.Dogs do this, in fact, because the owner does not want to see their own pain and sad, sad, but also for their own to retain the last decent, sometimes the dog really sensible people love dearly.If your old dog suddenly ran out one day and never came back, it may have passed away. The dog is always thinking about its owner and does not want to be a burden to its owner until the last moment of its life. It is really very intelligent.Task 3: Leave a scent at home Dogs are territorial animals and love to mark their territory with scent.Before they die, dogs try to leave their mark on the home.At this point, you may see your dog rubbing up on objects, corners, and owners, trying to mark everything with his scent, hoping that the owner will remember him and leave a trace of his life.Task 4: Patrol the home again. Dogs are loyal and protective of their masters. They will patrol at home and do a good job of guarding the home and protecting the master.When the dog anticipates that he will die, he will try his best to patrol in various places in the home. He hopes to ensure the safety of the surrounding environment before he leaves. The dog is not at ease with his master.It’s really touching that dogs want to serve and worry about their owners until the very end of their lives.Task 5: Spend more time with Your owner When a dog senses that he is dying, he may become more clingy than before because he knows his time is running out and wants to spend more time with his owner.Dogs love their masters so much that they don’t want to give up their masters, so dogs cherish the last time with their masters.Before the dog dies, it will complete the task of spending more time with its owner, because it also does not want to leave the owner with regret!How old is your dog now?Want the dog dog health and long life to accompany in your side, pet master must take good care of your dog, especially diet, after all, this is the most important source of nutrients, the dog dog eat badly, nutritional deficiencies, constitution will become worse, also have certain influence to the life, to give it choose a comprehensive high quality dog food as staple food.Conclusion: How old is your dog now?Feel free to post your pictures in the comments section