8 PM!Han Cong Sui Wenjing sun childhood photos, Wen Jing invited Yue Yunpeng to skate

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8 p.m., green barrel combination very tacit understanding, both of them bask in their childhood photos, compared to my photos, let the fans look to their own change, green barrel combination childhood photos of all levels of online appearance, very cute, now they are more mature, a more beautiful, more handsome!01 green bucket combination yue Yunpeng, Wen Jing invited yue Yue skating.Green bucket combination line deyun society a brother Yue Yunpeng, Yue Yunpeng said very hope in the Olympic Games to sing the song of the five rings, but no one invited him.SuiWenJing invite YueYunPeng to skating, quiet said satoshi brother thirty years old, still look very young, look at myself and twenty years old, mainly because of very cold ice skating rink, can freeze their age, yue teacher can to practice skating, so that we can become more young, at the same time, quiet said tube shut up, even small YueYue is very funny, comedian tube don’t knock it off!02 quiet speaking very logical, cong elder brother’s personal quality is too outstanding!Recently the green onion bucket group accepted a lot of interviews, Sui Wenjing in the interview, the answer is very logical, dignified and generous, very temperament, but also very fan.Although the elder brother here is not much, but the ability to complement Taiwan is also very strong, the elder brother’s every move shows the high quality, Han Cong’s family is also very high quality, the family is very stable.So the green onion bucket combination can be successful and their character is very related, Sui Wenjing side competitive, do not give up, Han Cong brother side prudent careful, all kinds of details are very fine, two people together is the champion configuration.Han Cong to Wenjing meticulous, injured after they have grown up.Han Cong and Sui Wenjing have been injured and surgery, Sui Wenjing was injured, Han Cong almost every day to accompany her, take care of Wenjing, can resume training, Han Cong brother every day carrying her on the training hall, Han Cong brother wenjing care is meticulous, step by step wenjing back to the rink.Han Cong brother also underwent surgery, due to the relationship of yi, Sui Wenjing has no way to accompany Han Cong, but still often go to see him, sometimes only through the glass.This time is Wenjing Han Congge back to the training ground.After the combination of green barrel injury, not only the ability did not decline, but also had a qualitative improvement, because they are injured in the other side of the time, to make up for their shortcomings, with a best of their own to meet the partner back!Conclusion:Green barrel combination from youth to adulthood, appearance is becoming more and more high level, also more and more mature, SuiWenJing has now become two men who led inside, Han Cong brother once said, SuiWenJing if not smooth, oneself is not smooth, quiet has set new goals, that is mulan winter Olympics, hope brother Han Cong your word, four years with quiet continue to slide,Let’s witness the next miracle of green onion bucket!Welcome to pay attention to me, leave a message blessing green onion bucket combination, like this article to share it!