Together to the future, to the ice and snow about

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The Year of the Tiger meets the Winter Olympics, is a different kind of “encounter”.The Spring Festival is the most solemn traditional Festival of the Chinese nation. People paste Spring Festival couplets, eat family reunion dinners, make dumplings and watch the Spring Festival Gala…Reunion and look forward to, there is the same common taste.However, when the passionate Chinese red meets the white snow and ice, the collision of “sparks” and “snowflakes” is bound to make the ancient Chinese New Year taste a little different. The Chinese people have left a romantic memory of the New Year meeting with snow and ice.We have friends coming from afar to express our good wishes for the future together. At the same time, China and the rest of the world are playing the “Song of ice and Fire” and sharing the beauty and harmony of the Chinese New Year.One of the highlights of the Beijing Winter Olympics is that 300 million people will participate in snow sports.In contrast, to be objective, the Olympic Games attracted much more attention than the Winter Olympics.This is especially true in China, where ice sports are unevenly developed.Yang Yang, China’s first Olympic champion, once said that before the Olympic Games (winter), there was a saying that “the three eastern provinces were fighting the whole world”.That is to say, the development of national ice and snow sports is uneven.”We want to use the Winter Olympics to promote snow and ice sports to the public and promote the balanced development of winter sports in China,” said Yang Yang, a member of the bid committee for Beijing 2022.The participation of 300 million people in snow and ice sports is both a goal and a practical basis.In 1996, there were 100 million skiers in China. By 2014, there were 458 ski resorts and 10 million skiers.From 2010 to 2015, the population of skiers grew by 10 percent per year.This Winter Olympics has ignited the enthusiasm of the people.The Annual meeting of Yabuli Chinese Entrepreneurs Forum is held in January every year, and the “White Agitation” entrepreneur ski challenge is also held.As the permanent site of Yabuli Forum and a famous ski resort in China, Yabuli is never short of anecdotes and interpretations of entrepreneurship.It is said that if you go to yabuli, you either have a meeting or go skiing.These are two sources of pleasure for entrepreneurs who come to Yabuli.Skiing has a lot in common with entrepreneurship, which may be one reason why entrepreneurs are obsessed with it.They all have an adventurous spirit in them, one side of fear, one side of excitement.Through falls and injuries, entrepreneurs not only improve their skiing skills, but also their competitiveness.In fact, every major sports event is an opportunity for the host city and the host country to show to the world.The hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has involved a large number of Chinese cultural elements.For example, the National Speed Skating Hall, also known as the “Ice Ribbon”, is a landmark venue in Beijing.Since the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD – 206 BC), China has been called “the Country of Silk”. A large number of Chinese silk goods were shipped abroad, which opened the first large-scale trade exchange between the East and the West in world history.Today, more than 2,000 years later, the “Ice Ribbon” has become an iconic building, both historical heritage and cultural confidence.The design of the two central gardens of the Winter Olympic Village is inspired by the famous painting “Ice Xi Tu” from the Reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, showing the artistic conception of classical Chinese gardens.The design of the National Ski jumping Center “Xueruyi” in Zhangjiakou is based on the shape of the traditional Chinese mascot “Ruyi”.These are the embodiment of Chinese culture.The permanent site of Yabuli Entrepreneur Forum, located in Yabuli Town, Heilongjiang Province, also shows Chinese culture vividly.The permanent site was designed by renowned architect Ma Yansong.The glass skylights at the top of the main body of the building bring natural light into the interior, and the interior wood creates a soft and warm atmosphere, reflecting Ma Yansong’s design concept of “returning the building to nature”, permeating the thick urban context of Chinese culture.Ma Yansong said in introducing the overall concept of architectural design: “In daytime, architecture is like a part of the snow mountain, closely connected with it;When night falls, the brightly lit buildings look like snow tents, which is a metaphor for entrepreneurs exchanging ideas and discussing the future of enterprises and entrepreneurship around a bonfire, showing the original intention of the establishment of Yabuli Forum.At the same time, it is like crawling on the earth’s wings, metaphor of a vibrant future.”It flaps its wings, can raise thought snowflakes, sprinkled in all places;It quietly curled up like a tent, will accompany the sunrise and stars, waiting for everyone who comes here, warm and grow.The 22nd Annual Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum 2022 is just around the corner. Let’s look forward to the warm and solid “tent” where entrepreneurs can exchange ideas and discuss the future.Expect them to enjoy the feeling of moving through the snow at Yabuli Ski Resort.We are waiting for you in Yabuli!* Part of the article is compiled by Zhenghe Island | song Xue | Wang Ziwei