The surface is like fire, cold constellation in the bone, feeling “insulation”, strangers do not close

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Sometimes you find that the person around you who seems familiar is actually very strange.You think you know this person well, but when you think back, it’s very strange.They are very warm to others, but find it very difficult to get closer to them.These signs are very cold in heart. They seem to be passionate, but actually they can take it up and put it down in a relationship.When they fall in love, they are very passionate, but their hearts are all about themselves. When they break up, they are also very cruel, and never worry about whether they should let go.And it’s very difficult for others to get close to them.Aquarius (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Aquarians hate trouble, so they don’t want to get involved in much.This may be why they come across as outwardly warm, but actually cold.Aquarius is the sign of reason and sensibility; the heart rules the heart and reason rules the brain.If you see the enthusiasm of an Aquarian, then you know that this is their real side.Aquarians are often said to be philanthropic, but they just want to treat everyone equally.So everyone is very good, the popularity of nature will not be bad.However, Aquarius is still rational by nature, the kind of person who can quickly return to reason after emotion.They are originally very afraid of strangers, so behind enthusiasm is a rational warning to be wary of strangers, so you will find that many Aquarians will quickly go cold after enthusiasm.You will have a lot to say in common. However, don’t let the Subject touch the Water-bearer. When it does, the water-bearer will be very defensive.The willful Aquarian tends to be very egoistic and you can’t help it if you can’t accept it because few people are able to change their mind.They have a very strange attitude to relationships. They like to mess with people, but they don’t get emotionally involved.They don’t like to be tied down, they think their feelings will bind them, so they don’t want to talk about their feelings.Another is that fear of strangers makes them less likely to respond emotionally.The Bull is a magnet for contrasts. The One you hear about is introverted, while the one you just met is outgoing and enthusiastic.But the enthusiasm doesn’t last long, and then you get so overwhelmed by the monotony of their lives that you think there are people out there who are so boring.When you think their lives are boring, if you’re lucky, you’ll see them as foodies.They think they have a way of enjoying life.As a result, you have no idea what Taurus is.When you want to get close to them, you will find that Taurus is far away from you, but they bring you enthusiasm is so real.In fact, Taurus can be hot and cold no less than Scorpio, and they are as calm as Aquarius, but their personality is always overshadowed by their low-key and proud personality.Many Taureans are happy to hide themselves. They may earn several times as much as you do but wear clothes that cost less than half as much.Their inner confidence will keep them on their high horse.Their enthusiasm stems from their fondness for the people around them and their exploration of the strange, while their apathy stems from their disappointment.For example, when you first meet a Taurus they will be very enthusiastic and will support you in everything you do. This is because they want to know what kind of person you are and whether you see eye to eye on something.If they see that you are on the same wavelength, they may try you out, but if they see that you are not on the same wavelength or that your goals are not aligned, the Bull will quietly move on.Even if you go back to them, you get a cold feeling.Taurus wants something in a relationship but is afraid to lose it.So they would rather be single than risk a relationship.If you share a weakness with their ex, you may be wary and even break up.Behind the apathy is Taurus’s caution about love.So Taurus relationships will be very stable and happy.Scorpios are often caught up in relationships with their fickle nature.A Scorpio can do anything without love, but when it comes to love, most of them are a bit of a drag.Scorpio will be very enthusiastic at first and will get to know each other very quickly. This is a way for Scorpio to take control of the relationship.Once they find that they are attracted to their partner, they will start to become indifferent. The closer they are pursued, the faster they will run.It’s not that Scorpios do it on purpose, it’s just that they feel that the other person is taking it personally, plotting to hurt them.This is when Scorpio’s paranoia becomes very apparent.So you will find scorpios warm on the surface, but very calm on the inside. This calm is visible to the naked eye as calm and cold.Scorpios are composed and intuitive. They know who is interested in them and who is watching them.So they always want to stay out of sight so they can do what they want to do.Scorpios are hot on the outside and cold on the inside because they have a hard time trusting a person.This can be very obvious in a relationship, so taking a Scorpio relationship is a big risk.In fact, they are also very headache, but unfortunately can not change.The surface enthusiasm of the conclusion is to make everyone decent, while the indifference of the heart is the distance between people.Whether it is friends or lovers, whether it is work or love, the indifference in the bones seems to have been accustomed to, and the surface of the enthusiasm has long been seen broken, but no one said it.We all have our own world, just like we all have our own little corner when we are young.But if you want to see the outside world, get out of your familiar corner.The more roads you have traveled and the more people you have met, you will find that both passion and indifference are normal, just like we are passionate about poetry and distance, but indifferent and helpless to the present.