Selected works of coastal poetry Friends (1585)- Seven laws of snow

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Coastal poetry friends works selected (1585)- seven law snow seven law snow author: Guan Xiangsheng nine days of jade scattered flying flowers, broken chimes have covered ten thousand.New gas maze ice gravel, wind drunk eye snow such as sand.View plum old man with green stick, play urchin rolling white melon.Patches of goose feathers are good news, good mulberry everywhere in the year of the tiger.Attachment: Introduction of Mr. Guan Xiangsheng —– (1953 -) : ancestral home of Tiangou Village, Tianchang Town, Binhai County, the son of Guan Boning.In 1977, he was admitted to Yancheng Second Normal School. In 1980, he was assigned to Yancheng Cement Factory Staff’s Children’s School as a teacher. In 1984, he was transferred to Yancheng Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. (graduated from junior college in economic management by correspondence in 1988).He served as labor officer, personnel section chief, office director, etc.He is one of the literati of the Guan family.He retired in 2013.In order to enlarge the brand effect, enhance the soft power of binhai culture and enrich the cultural life of the people, we set up columns on the mainstream media of 、、、、 and other cities and counties.Here is the world of elegant scholar, the heaven of ink!Literati to express their feelings, to express their thoughts.Readers can benefit and poets can improve!