Juneyao Airlines to sell “hot pot card”!Net friend ridicule: who buys who regret

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In order to sell tickets, Juneyao Airlines launched a new “hot pot card” has attracted a lot of netizens ridicule.Juneyao Airlines launched a “hot pot card” on February 14, which allows passengers to fly economy class for a limited time on designated routes. Moreover, users can also enjoy discounts on dishes at designated hot pot restaurants in the destination cities with their Juneyao Airlines boarding passes. The card went on sale at 10 PM yesterday and has already sold out.However, shortly after the hot pot card was released, some netizens joked on Weibo that the purchase system of Jixiang Airlines had frequent problems. On the one hand, it was difficult to buy tickets. On the other hand, due to the lack of tickets available on airlines, they found that not only popular airlines but also weekend tickets had been exchanged.At present, many netizens have begun to refund and resell.Juneyao Airlines said in response to an interview with the International Financial Times on Feb 15 that the “Changfei hot pot card” will be sold in limited quantities and will be available for real-name verification, allowing each passenger to purchase up to 10 copies.At the same time, as passengers tend to travel on weekends and other rest days, it is true that some popular flights have insufficient redeemable quota.Therefore, passengers can also consider alternate peak travel and exchange for flights on less popular dates.We will try our best to optimize the amount of seats available for exchange, and fully collect feedback and suggestions from all parties, so as to continuously optimize and improve the theme changfei Card products and exchange rules in the future.Can hot pot chang Fei card really chang Fei?According to juneyao Airlines official account, the changfei · Hot pot card launched by the airline is limited to sale, the official price is 1,299 yuan, convertible routes are:Shanghai – Chongqing, Chongqing – Shanghai, Shanghai – Mianyang, Mianyang – Shanghai, Shanghai – Lijiang, Lijiang – Shanghai, Shanghai – Haikou, Haikou – Shanghai, Shanghai – Zhuhai, Zhuhai – Shanghai, Shanghai – Harbin, Harbin – Shanghai, valid until March 26, 2022According to Juneyao Air, each user can buy up to 10 themed cards of the same type, which can be refunded once or not exchanged.However, passengers who use theme cards for travel cannot change the date or transfer tickets voluntarily. They must submit the application for refund at least three days in advance. If they fail to take the tickets for more than four times or fail to refund the tickets within the specified time, the rights and interests of theme cards will be automatically invalid.It is worth noting that there are a number of restrictions on the rules for the use of the theme cards mentioned above.Although within the validity period of the theme card, the user can exchange the card for any flight specified in the card, but only the domestic flight actually carried by Junxiang Airlines can be booked in a single segment, round-trip and stopover flights need to be booked in segments;The number of exchanges is also limited. A maximum of two exchanges can be made for the same airline, depending on whether the departure city and destination city of the flight are the same.In addition, the redeemable amount for each flight is also limited. Each passenger can have up to 4 unused flight tickets, and only one unused flight ticket can be kept in the same date and place of departure (city).Today, the international financial news reporter discovery, many people in the airline’s official weibo comments area below mentioned in their actual problems in the process of purchase and use, including application error unable to place an order, account somehow been told is “high risk account” to buy ticket, and found that the hot air after purchase, and weekend is a series of problems such as the conversion,Some netizens said they had refunded the tickets because they didn’t have them for the time they wanted, while others posted information on Weibo and Xianyu to resell the fish, which are currently sold for 1,299 to 2,000 yuan.In fact, the pressure brought by the epidemic is still there. Juneyao Airlines had also launched other promotional products of “free flying” before this “hot pot card”.In early July 2020, Juneyao Airlines launched the “Unlimited upgrade card”, priced at 888 yuan, which allows passengers to enjoy unlimited free upgrade services until December 31, 2020.In late August 2020, Juneyao Airlines again launched the “Juneyao Free Flight Card” and “Juneyao Free Flight Card for Children” at the price of rmb2888 and RMB61 respectively. Users can redeem juneyao Airlines economy class tickets for domestic flights (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) for unlimited times before January 20, 2021.On December 1, 2020, Junxiang Airlines launched the 2021 version of “Jixiang Changfei Card”. The new version of The card is divided into “Jixiang Changfei Card Travel Version” and “Jixiang Changfei Card Spring Festival Transport Version”, priced at 3456 yuan and 6789 yuan respectively.Juneyao Airlines can redeem economy class seats for direct domestic flights or stop-over flights carried by juneyao Airlines from January 21 to June 30, 2021, except for restricted dates;Among them, “Spring Festival edition” is the first domestic free flying card seat no exchange date restrictions.Industry insiders believe that junexiang Air’s launch of the above series of products is mainly to deal with the outbreak of the epidemic brought limited profitability.According to the financial report, Juneyao air’s performance was under a lot of pressure after the epidemic, which was not completely relieved until the end of 2021.In 2020, Juneyao Airlines achieved operating revenue of 10.102 billion yuan, down 39.69% year-on-year, and net profit loss of 474 million yuan, down 147.64% year-on-year.The quarterly report of 2021 shows that juneyao Air’s revenue in the first three quarters increased by 27.33% year-on-year to 9.129 billion yuan, with net profit loss of 49.8111 million yuan.Revenue rose 2.67 percent to 3.081 billion yuan in the third quarter, while net profit fell 177.63 percent to a loss of 152 million yuan.The airline industry is still affected by the epidemic in 2021, and the company is expected to suffer a net profit loss of about 33,000 to 42,000 yuan in 2021, the company said in the announcement of its 2021 annual performance loss.Not only Juneyao Airlines, in fact, the entire aviation industry is still not completely rid of the adverse impact of the epidemic. In order to cope with the dilemma brought by the epidemic, a number of airlines led by China Eastern Airlines have launched a number of promotional products, which are designed from the aspects of time, space and specific groups.Including “weekend free flying”, “morning and evening free flying” (personal version, enterprise version), “567 VIP room free flying”, “Western Regions free flying”, “Bay Area free flying”, “children free flying card” and many other products.In this regard, civil aviation expert Qiqi in an interview with “International Financial Times” said, “because of the epidemic, the current average ticket price is still relatively low, so this kind of equity payment products are still valuable to airlines, can return a part of the cash flow;In addition, airlines also need to have some outstanding marketing to attract attention, through promotion to promote passengers’ awareness of the product, and strive for priority in the industry.”In addition, QiQi also mentioned rights products without dilution air company profit space problem, “whether from the point of the product itself, profit space, or satisfaction, it is not a normal (mode of operation), navigation company mainly rely on the traditional channels to complete the main sales, therefore, although the navigation rights products company’s business will have a certain degree of ease,But it doesn’t play a leading role.In addition, airlines should also pay attention to increasing the flexibility of marketing when using such marketing tools. How to flexibly use such tools according to the epidemic situation and changes in epidemic prevention policies is the ability airlines should have at this stage.”Reporter: Jiang Peifang Yu Miao editor: Ma Yunfei responsible editor: Bi Dandan cover source: Xinhua net