How professional is Wang Meng?The result has not come out on the board referee: turn over the rules, China will enter the final

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Earlier in the men’s 5,000-meter relay semifinals, China was paired with Japan, Italy and Canada.According to the rules, two of the four teams qualify for the finals if they finish in the top two spots in their group.By the way, the Chinese team sent the lineup is Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Sun Long, Li Wenlong.It was obvious that China had sent its best team, and the goal was to make it to the final and then try to win the gold medal.At the beginning of the game, there was a fierce fight between the four teams.In the face of fierce competition, The Chinese team has always kept pace and been hovering in the top two.Barring accidents, China is sure to advance to the finals.But at the end of the game, an accident happened.After being scraped by a Canadian skate, Li suddenly lost his balance and was thrown straight off the track.Even so, the Chinese team continued to slide.In the end, The Chinese team ranked last.In this process, the Chinese team’s several boys have never given up, has been insisting to the end.For that, give them a thumbs up, too.If this result goes according to plan, The Chinese team will definitely miss the finals.However, Wang meng was adamant that China would reach the final after seeing Li fall.Wang Meng explained that in such cases, the referee should directly turn over the rules and make clear the rules before deciding that The Chinese team was in the final. One is because the referee has the right to directly judge a team to enter the final, and the other is because the Chinese team fell off the track not due to its own reasons, and the Chinese team was in second place at that time.Sure enough, The Chinese team was judged to be in the final.Congratulations to the Chinese team and hope they can play well in the final and win the gold medal.At the same time, we also have to admire Wang Meng’s professionalism, she just watched the game screen, without watching the replay and knowing the referee’s decision of the situation that The Chinese team will enter the final, is really too great!On professional, still want to see “meng Zhu”!Since joining the team to commentate on the Winter Olympics, Wang meng has won a lot of fans with his humorous remarks.However, he is humorous humor, professional is not bad.It is no exaggeration to say that no commentator can match Wang Meng in the specialty of short track speed skating.Fierce!That’s awesome!Next, the Chinese team please continue their performance, in the final to show themselves!