Chongqing: Adopt multiple measures to upgrade and expand consumption

2022-05-09 0 By

Report from our correspondent LeiMaoSheng Journalist reports Zhang Shouying Held in chongqing on the fifth meeting of the fifth people’s congress, the mayor of chongqing Hu Henghua made by the government work report, in 2022, chongqing economic and national, face demand contraction, supply shocks, expected weaker triple pressure, must be steady hand growth on a more prominent position,Effectively stabilize the basic economic plate.Among them, promoting consumption upgrade capacity expansion is one of the key points of the work.Hu Henghua made it clear that we should seize the opportunity of building an international consumption center city, implement “ten projects” such as improving the quality of international consumption carriers, deepen the eight actions of “New consumption in Bayu”, and consolidate the momentum of consumption recovery.We will foster quality consumption, promote the development of commercial areas such as Monument of Liberation – Chaotianmen, Guanyinqiao and Three Gorges Plaza, upgrade the central business district, optimize the layout of business forms in the commercial area, and develop smart business areas.We will stimulate consumption at county and township levels, accelerate the development of county businesses, encourage them to promote new-energy vehicles, send green and smart home appliances to rural areas, and trade in old ones for new ones, and help improve areas of concern in consumer services such as childcare, nursing, housekeeping, and housing rental.Cultivate new types of consumption, tap chongqing’s characteristic culture, cuisine and tourism resources, promote the linkage and integration of consumer industries, improve the quality and development of e-commerce, promote the integration of online and offline, and the cross-border development of business travel and sports.We will improve the consumption environment, improve the modern commercial circulation system, improve supporting commercial facilities in communities, develop logistics and distribution in rural areas, crack down on illegal activities involving the production and sale of counterfeit and shoddy goods, improve the mechanism for protecting consumers’ rights and interests, and unleash people’s consumption potential.The main target of Chongqing’s economic and social development in 2022 is to increase GDP by around 5.5%;Regulated industrial added value will grow by around 6%, fixed asset investment by around 6%, total retail sales of consumer goods by around 7%, and total imports and exports by around 5%.