220 tons of high-quality vegetables from Ningxia came to Shanghai

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220 tons of high-quality vegetables from Ningxia came to Shanghai.On April 5, 13 cold chain logistics vehicles loaded with 220 tons of ningxia high quality vegetables from Ningxia Guyuan City Pengbao town yao Mill modern agriculture demonstration base, all the way to the east to Shanghai, rode to local epidemic relief.It is reported that through communication and connection between ningxia Party Committee and government and Shanghai Agriculture And Commerce Commission, Ningxia Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department led the organization to select yinchuan and Guyuan vegetable leading enterprises and cooperatives, centralized procurement of ningxia’s local production of carrots, cabbage, baby vegetables, tomatoes, Onions, potatoes and other vegetables, shipped to Shanghai.The vegetables shipped to Shanghai are all high quality dishes sold directly to Hong Kong and Macao. After being carefully selected by workers overnight, strictly inspected and comprehensively disinfected, they are specially subcontracted into 22,000 pieces. After being transported to Shanghai, they will go directly into the community and into the household, realizing the direct access to the kitchen.The material transport task is undertaken by sf Express (Ningxia) Co., LTD. Guyuan Branch.Before the departure, the company carries out a comprehensive inspection on the safety performance of the vehicles in advance. On the basis of ensuring the condition of the vehicles and good refrigeration equipment, each vehicle is equipped with two drivers, who rotate every three hours and stop at fixed points to ensure the safety of material transportation.At the same time, after receiving the escort task, the Ningxia Public Security Department immediately organized personnel to study and judge the route through, docking with the traffic police departments of provinces and cities along the route in advance, carrying out safety training for all drivers, and ensuring the safety of the material transport vehicles to Reach Shanghai.On the same day, the car body hanging “Ning Shanghai deep love” “Ningxia vegetables, love to Shanghai” marked slogans of a truck honking set out, carrying ningxia people’s feelings and intentions all the way to the east……These ningxia vegetables, including cabbage hearts, carrots, kale, baby cabbage, tomatoes, Onions and potatoes, will be tailored to the tastes of Shanghai residents, providing strong support for the city’s fight against the epidemic.(End) Declaration: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com