With a total investment of 1.18 billion yuan, 10 key projects in Yingshan County, Hubei province have been started

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People’s Daily Online Huanggang February 16, the opening year on the decisive battle, the beginning of the sprint.February 14, Yingshan Jin ‘ao auto parts production project site excavators roar, project vehicles shuttle, the scene of the construction scene in full swing.The county held in February the focus of the project construction ceremony, the full blow of the New Year major project construction “assembly number”, press the major project construction and promote the county economy high-quality development “accelerated key”.Work is the only reason.Morning of the day, the county Kowloon bay first demonstration area construction projects, S236 British yellow line (yingshan county millet for transshipment to the col) highway rebuilding project, systemic LiangHeKou area management project 10 key projects such as construction, involves auto parts, custom home, roads and public facilities construction, regional system management, and other fields, with a total investment of 1.18 billion yuan.At the beginning of New Year, the county adhere to high propulsion, top service, vigorously carry forward the spirit of “the bartender”, the implementation of “one key project, a county level leader is set to lead, a special working team, a set of advancing scheme, a grasp in the end” service mechanism, complete coverage of more than more than 30 vice-county leading cadres in-depth contact enterprise site office,County direct functional departments set up enterprise service special class to the production workshop line on-site squatting, restricting the development of the enterprise certificate, employment, financing and other aspects of the “blocking point” “pain point” “difficult” problem implementation of joint departments “consultation”, on-site scheduling guidance and coordination of enterprises fast resumption of production, fast expansion, fast production.WuJian county focus on the “five” development strategy and the “seven new YingShan” development goals, a “package” enterprise incentive policy, the cooperation between colleges and vocational skills training, labor reward, periodic lower rates of inductrial injury insurance, entrepreneurial interest loans to support strongly support for the five aspects such as, go all out to help enterprises to reduce operating costs, power enterprise economical to run.(Guo Tingting, Wu Tengyu) (Editor: Jin Yumeng, Zhang Jun) Share let more people see